Slang & Colloquial in Movies?


  • Read the following dialgues,below to see how slang and colloquial language can identify a person's culture, group, or class.
  • Example (1): (A dialogue between "Vinny" and a "town person").
    The scene took place in a souther town, where "Vinny" and his fiancée "Liza", arrived and their car was stopped all of a sudden. "Vinny" had to step out of the car to see what was wrong. While he was checking the wheels, an African-American man came near him, and said:

    Town person: "got mud in your tires?"
    Vinny: "let me ask a question, how do you get mud into the tires?"
    Town person: "no, that's just a figure of speech. The mud gets around the inside of the wheels".
  • Example (2): (A dialogue between "Vinny" and the "judge").
The scene took placeinside a court in the southern state of Alabama, between "Vinny" and the "Judge":


Vinny: Is it possible, the two utes...
Judge: Eh, the two what? Uh, uh, what was that word?
Vinny: Uh, what word?
Judge: Two what?
Vinny: What?
Judge: Uh, did you say 'Utes'?
Vinny: Yeah, two utes.
Judge:What is a ute?
Vinny: Oh, excuse me, your honor. Two YOUTHS.

It is interesting to learn that, although the two are native American English speakers, they also get to misunderstand some of each other's speech. Can you think of this kind of diffrence in some Kuwaiti-Arabic/Taiwanese dialects?
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