WiAOC 2005: Webheads in Action Online Convergence

Bridges across CyberSpace

November 18 - 20

Please Note:

Below are Direct Links to JPG Files on buzznet.com, illustrating Basic Features in Alado Virtual Classroom Application - to be able to view these files you need to sign up at www.buzznet.com

1.Main aspects in Alado VClass: http://buthaina-tesolevo06.buzznet.com/user/?id=1863899

2. Audio Facilities: http://buthaina-tesolevo06.buzznet.com/user/?id=1863898

3. Using the Audio Facility: http://buthaina-tesolevo06.buzznet.com/user/?id=1863897

4. Top menu bar in Alado VClass:

4.a. File: http://buthaina-tesolevo06.buzznet.com/user/?id=1863895

4.b. File: http://buthaina-tesolevo06.buzznet.com/user/?id=1863896

5. Window: http://buthaina-tesolevo06.buzznet.com/user/?id=1863871

6. Moderator: http://buthaina-tesolevo06.buzznet.com/user/?id=1863869
7. Favorate: http://buthaina-tesolevo06.buzznet.com/user/?id=1863866

8. Help: http://buthaina-tesolevo06.buzznet.com/user/?id=1863867

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