"The Role of Accreditation in Providing Quality Control for Instituions of Higher Education"

A Wrokshop at the Language Center of Kuwait University

by Amy Lezberg

Sunday, May 2, 2004 - 6:00 - 11:30 GMT

Amy Lezberg, presenting , during her workshop held at the Language Center of Kuwait University  
(Left to right) Buthaina Al Othman and Professor Amy who has shown high tolerance waiting for this phot shot to be taken by Ms Eidha! (Thanks, anyway, Eidah!)
(Left to right) EFL Intructors, Nadia Al-Shyjee and Eidah Al-Mutairi,are wonderful, supportive colleagues at our English Language Unit of Science!
Buthaina Al Othman and Amy Lezberg, during the break
Jim, an EFL instructor colleague at the English Language Unit of Arts

"Women can not only further their own cause and that of all minorities,

but also help to shape the educational system of the 21st century" - Amy Lezberg

(One of Professor Amy's statements on the issue of women's education, published at :http://www.wihe.com/$spindb.query.listquotes.wihequotes)

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