Kuwait University - ELU/Science

090 section 05 - Spring 2005

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

English 090 Students' Group-Presentations

'Different Laws - Different Countries - Different Opinions'

Based on Topics in North Star - Intermediate

Group 1:

Fahad A.
Mohammed M.


Advantages of Mobile Phones (pps)


(L to R) Ali, making sure evrything is working on my laptop for his Group-presentation, Fahad and Mohammed, both ready to start any minute!
(Left to right) Mohammed M., presenting his part, Ali follwoing with him from the screen of my laptop, and Fahad A, looking at the slide projcted on the big white screen!

Group 2:

Mohammed J.
Mohammed R.

Disadvantages of Smoking All Kinds of Tobaco (pps)

(Left to right) Dhiadan, Mohammed R., and Mohammed J., posing to the camera while presenting!
Mohammed Rajab presenting his part..He took some photos of his group memebrs and me a little while before the presentation and managed to upload them to his laptop and then inserted them on the first slide! Great job, Mohammed, :-)
Created: May 22, 2004
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