Kuwait University - ELU/Science

Spring 2004 090/59

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

A Computer-based Final Project

Creating & Using Computer Applications, like PowerPoint Files!

Student Group-Presentations: 090/59 Spring 2004 | 090/18 Fall 2004 | 090/05 Spring 2005


Step 1 Choose a Kuwaiti law that you agree or disagree with.
  • Some examples of Kuwaiti laws:
    1. Smoking in public places.
    2. Using car seat belts.
    3. Exceeding driving speed limit on highways.
    4. Execution of drug dealers.
    5. Having gender segregated classes in Kuwait University
Step 2
  • Compare and contrast the law you select with a similar one in another country where English is the native or first language. ( Examples of such countries include, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand).
Step 3
Step 4 Make sure you look for answers to the following questions when you search the WWW:
  1. Do you agree or disagree with the law you selected?
  2. When was that law issued? Why?
  3. What are the punishments or charges included in the law against those convicted or guilty?
  4. Do you think they are fair or unfair? Why? Why not?
Step 5 Write an essay collaboratively. That is each group member will have a role to do, during this process of he project. (We will decide on the role of group members in class).
Step 6

How to create a power point file?


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