Kuwait University
ELU- Science
Fall 2004_090

Instructor: Buthaina al-Othman

Enhancing E-Learning at an EFL Blended-Course

High-Tech Collaborative Student Web-Projects

Using Photoblogs & MultiMedia Service, (MMS) Via Cell-Phones

Computer-Lab 2 of the English Unit of Science , in Khaldiya Campus

Sunday, November 21, 2004 - (5:00 - 7:00 AM GMT)

Kuwait University, English 090 section 18 Science Students

Abdallah Sh.
Yousef A.
Abdul-Aziz R.
Abdallah A.
Ahmad K.
Khaled and Redha

Students' photo shots published on their photoblogs were taken with the teacher's and students' cell-phones

This project was planed to be presented at GLD VIII, due to an uncontrolable situation, my students and I couldn't participate in the event! (See Webheads' contribution in GLD VII)

Created on November 21, 2004
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