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Final Collaborative EFL Students' Web-Project
Students' ON-Line Magazine!
Enhancing E-Learning at an EFL Class for Freshmen at Kuwait University
English 090 Section 18 , Fall 2004: September - January


  • Design and create an E-Magazine, using WebPages, blogs, and Photoblogs
  • What is an online magazine or e-magazine?

Here are some examples of online magazines, designed and created by International students.

  • The following are some tips and suggestions to help you get started design and create an E-Magazine:

    (Notice that your online magazine could consist of the following four (4) sections, but you can of course reduce or add more sections).

    Imagine the frontpage of your website, which is your online magazine and consdier writing the following sections:

    1. About Us

    Each student should provide a short self- introduction paragraph. The paragraph should include:

    a. your name
    b. your age
    c. name of your college
    d. your major, (if you have already decided on one).
    e. your hobbies
    f. your favorite food, places, sports, etc..

    2. Topics or Articles

    • A list of titles or topics can go under Articles or Topics.
    • Each title should link to a blog of a student or a group of students with their writings related to a title.



    • Topics:
      • Health:
        • How to Stay Healthy?
      • Sprots:
        • Biography of Tony Hawk
      • Tourism:
        • Advantages of Making Kuwait a Beautiful Place
      • Education:
        • Advantages / Disadvantages of Being a College Student
        • Advantages / Disadvantages of Studying Abroad
        • Advantages of E-Learning
      • Entertainment:
        • Advantages of Going to a Diwaniya


    3. Interviews:

    You can do an online or a face-to-face interview with an online friend, a student, a teacher, an athlete, a singer, or an actor to ask for his/her opinion on a hot topic.


      • If you choose to write about How to Make Kuwait a Beautiful Touristic Place, you could interview foreigners visiting Kuwait, like teachers or International students in Kuwait University.


    4. Favorite Links

    List some of your favorite Links that you would like to share with the world. You can of course categorize your links based on topics, if you wish.

    Remember that I'll be happy to answer your questions posted to our 090 Fall 2004 class blog!

    Good Luck!

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