Fall 2002_161

Instructor: Buthaina Al-Othman

Activities: Part 1

The activities below are related to topics included in EfS Text book , Chapters: 1, 2,5,9

Note: The Activites on this page, must be completed and submitted to the instructor on April 22nd, 2003

Ch 5 Defining
Ch 1 Classifying
Ch 2 Comparaing
Ch 9 Calculating

Activity 1:

Outlining a Formal Definition.

Activity 1:

Moslem Scientists!

Activity 1:

Greek Philosophers!

Activity 1:

Number Prefixes.

Activity 2:

Converting units of measurment:

a) Ingredients List of Dansih Pancake.

b) Ingredients List of Portugese Cod fish.

Activity 2:

Write Extended definitions of Some Terms.

Activity 3:

Listening, Reading, & Writing


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