Fall 2002_161

Last updated 2003

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

Chapter 1: Classifying
Muslim Scientists and Scholars


  1. Visit the website below and read about three Muslim Scientists you like; or use a search engine to find other websites on this topic.
  2. Take notes while reading, focusing on three main criteria or reasons of differences between the three scientists.
  3. Outline your notes, using a tree diagram.( Download SmartDraw to create a tree diagram).
  4. Combine your notes to write a classification report in an essay format, using the classifying writing style you learned during this course.
  5. Use the grammatical items that are suitable for this writing style, including verb to be, verb to have, passive or active forms, modals, and connectors of addition and contrast.
  6. Remember to add a title, articles,and punctuation.

Click: http://www.ummah.org.uk/history/scholars/

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