Gallery of pictures taken during the final oral group-presentations

at the ELU computer-lab #1, in Khaldiyah campus - July 27, 2004

The students utilized the available equipment at our computer-lab for their off-line presentations. Slides shown from Anfal's presentation on "Cloning"; (Anfal chose not to appear on the pictures).

Students and the class Instructor, trying to hear a recording of the interview done by group 1 with Dr. Al-Nijadah..Heba from Group 1, saved the interview sound file, originally recorded on a conventional audio-tape, on her laptop, using the MS Sound Recorder!

Athari during her interview with Dr. Bader Al-Eissa, Head of Sociology and Social affairs Department at Kuwait University. Athari researched the issue of TV violence on children in Kuwait..Her results showed that it's a global problem nowadays!Read the interview published on her blog HERE! Webhead in action, Renata Suzuki collaborated with some of my students. She interacted with Athari, commenting on her interview with Dr. Al-Eissa, and provided info. on TV Violence on Children in Japan. Her comments can be read at Athari's blog HERE!
Some of the item shown by Hajer during her presentation on "Tourism in Oman"! View a webpage on Hajer's project HERE! Group 4, Zainab I. & Zainab E. brought this huge tart with the name of their final project, "DNA", to shrae with all of us at the end of the event, :-)
Students celebrating their success at the end of the event of final Group-Presentations..This final required activity seemed like a hands-on computer-lab workshop where we all learned from one another; it was F.U.N. We learned how the new Internet and non-Internet Communication Technologies are conveninet and can make our work and life easier, productive,and efficient!

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