Kuwait University
College of Science
English Language Unit
EfS 162 Summer 2004
Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

Examples of Students' Final Group-Presentations

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Group 1  

Presenters : (left to right) Heba, Amna, Hala
Above, Hala showing the student-audience the video-taped interview with Dr. Al-Nijadah
Listen to the interview with Dr. Al-Nijadah:
Listen to some students' opinions on the topic: Student 1 | Student 2
Group 2  
Presenter: Athari
Athari answering questions by some students before wraping up her presentation

The audio files of Athari's interview with Dr. Bader Al-Eissa are available at Files section on our Yahoo! Group | Click HERE to take a look at a page created to show Athari's work .

Group 3  
Presenter: Hajer
Hajer showing some traditional women clothes from her country Oman
Presentation:Hajer's page on Tourism in Oman
Group 4  
Presenters: Zainab B. and Zaina H.
DNA!!! Zainab & Zainab brought this tart to share with all of us celebrating the success we achieved at the end of this summer course!

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