Kuwait University
ELU / Faculty of Science
162/4 Spring 2004
Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

Week 10

Essay Writing & Creating a PowerPoint Template

Final class presentaions will start on Saturday, May 15 and ends on Wednesday, May 19

(May 8 - May 12)


  1. During this week you will learn how to arrange, organize, and write a good essay, using the academic 5-paragraph standard format.
  2. Group leaders will submit, to the teacher, a copy of the first draft of the collaborative group report, on Saturday, May 8, (with names of each group member near his part).
  3. Group-members will discuss ways to rearrange and organize their parts logically to produce a final group paper.
  4. Group leaders will write introduction and conclusion paragraphs for their papers.
  5. Group leaders agree on one good introduction and a nice conclusion paragraphs for the final class paper.
  6. The proofreader of each group edits the final production of his group, and then submit a final copy to the teacher, on Monday, May 10.
  7. Webmasters and group leaders meet to decide and agree on a unified PowerPoint template to be used by all groups to present the class final collaborative researched paper. (We will talk more about the PPt. template, on Wednesday, May 12).
  8. Useful links to help you create your powerpoint files:
    1. Power Point Tutorials. (Source: http://www.electricteacher.com/indeSox.html).
    2. Power Point in the Classrooms. (Sources: http://www.actden.com/index.htm).
  9. Good Luck!

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