Kuwait University Spring 2004
Faculty of Science
Instructor: Buthaina Al-Othman

A Web-based Students' Collaborative Project

EfScience 162s4 Students' Final Presentations

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Group, Image, Name, & Blog
Group 1
No picture!
No picture!

Click on Wild life of Kuwait in the past, (1980-1990)

(Website by Mohammed S.)

Discussion-board 1

Monday, May 17 (10 mins)
Name & Blog
Hussain (group leader)
Ali (No blog)

Mohammed S. (Webmaster)

Mohammed J.(No blog)
Group 2
Wild life of Kuwait, (since 1991 to present)
Monday, May 17 (10 mins)
Name & Blog
Ayed (group leader)
Mohammed H. (No blog)
Group 3

Musaáb's part in video format: bbb<script language="javascript" src="http://www.videoegg.com/Player.js">
</script><script language="javascript">
EmbedPlayer('FFFFFF', '113808414662');

Marine Life of Kuwait in the past, (1980-1990)

Discussion-board 3

Tuesday, May 18 (10 mins)
Name & Blog
Mishari (group leader)
Faisal (No blog)
Musa'ab (No blog)
Group 4

Discussion-board 4

Tuesday, May 18 (10 mins)
Name & Blog
Mohammed N. (group leader, aka Angel - listen to his Greeting Message!

Abdularahman (aka Abdul) (Webmaster)

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