An In-Class, In-Lab, and On-Line 12-Week Writing Workshop

English 162 Section 4, Spring 2004

"Helping Students Work in Groups to Write and Present a Final Term Paper?"

Main Topic:
"Natural Environment of the State of Kuwait: Past , Present, Future"
With Focus on Two Main National Projects: Jaber Al-Kuwait Reefs, (2003) and Sabah Al Ahmad Natural Reserve, (2004)
Aspect # 1
Aspect # 2
Aspect # 3
Aspect # 4
Wild life of Kuwait in the Past, (1980-1990)
Wild life of Kuwait, (1991 to present)
Marine Life of Kuwait in the past, (1980-1990)
Marine life of Kuwait, (1991 to present)
Main ideas / Headings
Definition of wildlife.
Damages Definition of marinelife. Damages
Kinds of popular animals and plants.
Causes & Effects Kinds of popular fish and plants. Causes & Effects
Location and some characteristics.
Iocal and international reactions (find UN resolution on Nov 6, 1991) Location and some characteristics. Iocal and international reactions.
Benefits Solutions & budget Benefits Solutions & budget
Suggestions & recommendations   Suggestions & recommendations
  • To find more information on the topic and aspects I recommend:
  1. Face to face interviews with experts and knowledgeable people on the topic.
  2. Search the Internet to find reputable resources.(Use google).
  3. Find articles and studies at Kuwait University Science Library.

Source of images:
Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad
: pori.jabir.jpg
| Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad: 09-23kuwait.jpg

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