A Successful New Online Experience

Implementing Some Knowledge Learned from Webheads in Action

Hello Webheads,
I would like to share with you some new exciting professional
experiences I have achieved yesterday, Sunday, evening.

I manged to complete my first online lesson to / with one of my
students, trying to implement most of the skills and knowledge I
learned here from and with you all, Webheads.
I facilitated a process of building a website to one of my science
students, providing simple and easy step by step hands-on
Building a website is one of the options I gave my EfS 162 students
to use to present their required final presentations, to be live
webcasted on December 27 & 28, using Alado-Webheads vClass/vRoom.

My student and I communicated via computers from our homes, and met
at Yahoo Messenger, at a pre-fixed time, last night at 8:15 pm
Kuwait local time.
From there we went to Geocities.com where it took us less than 2
hours between signing up at Geo.com until her index page was
actually created and published.I encouraged her to use PageBuilder
instead of the easy Wizard pagebuilder.

Instructions and directions were posted with ease at YM, utilizing
most of the available Emoticons to provide necessary scaffolding for
this learning situation. However, we couldn't use voice due to some
setting and technical problems at the end of my student.

Although my student, Shaima'a, home page is still under
construction, you are welcome to view it at this

Moreover,giving these kinds of online lessons or instructions is one
of my professional dreams. I believe that reaching this recent
achievment is due to a main concept or theory of that learning is
2way, as Vance said it in one conversation, and Teresa showed it in
the two arrows on her Teacher-Student Blog.
Although,I learned about this concept earlier, I can, now, say that
I know it!
I will tell you in another message, later, how my instructions, on
using DreamWeaver, to another student, who is not allowed to use the
Internet from her home, went!

Much obliged, Webheads!

Hi Buth!

I'm really happy for you and your student! It's so gratifying, isn't it?

This is a great community and we have all learned a lot from one another,
but. . . still have much more to learn! :-)

Your student's page is loading very slowly for me, because it's GeoCities -
my problem persists - but I'll try again tomorrow.

Congrats to both of you!



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