Kuwait University - Fall 2003-2004

ELU/Science_ESP, EfS # 162 Section 53

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

What Have "We" Learned?


Students' Evaluation Reports on Using Synchronous Tools & Presneting Live Online before International EFL/ESL Instructors from Webheads community of practice

Note: (1) Students messages were not corrected. (2) Some repeated sentences and greeting notes were deleted from some messages to save the time of readers; also, font has been modified for clarity and to emphasize particular statements).

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Amal: (Evaluation Jan.7, 2004)

Before anything i want to say that the project was very enjoyable to me,i really had fun doing it, since it was somthing new and creative to do, and had many things that i really wanted to try them someday, also, it broke my boring study routine cause it was something really diffrent to do in college.

I was really happy that i learnt many things in the project, i never knew about something called "weblog" as a type of a net terms like "webpage/website" , and didn't know what they really are; i really learnt how i orginize the information i collected using them.

Making a webpage was really great to, i always wanted to know how to make them. being inside a real project was very new experience to me, made me feel im entering the real college world that have real feats, cause after i got inside college, it was all the same as highschool boring tasks, like homeworks, quizes..etc.

Also, my project was made by group, this was my first time being in group for such an officially project, ((i used to be in a group of friends, but wasn't that orginized ,it was just for fun, so don't know really what and how group is)), that project was really serious, and i was really alert in that point, it was also the first time i been as a group leader. In the begining i thought i'de know how group works, but it seem that it's wasn't that correct. The same thing to the group memebers. What we did was spliting the project into parts, each part we worked inside, then we all gather and discuss each part together. I think that way wasn't that correct, we didn't really assign task for eachother, (like one should be the writer, one should be correcter..etc) maybe it was because of the lack of skill, or the skill wasn't that clear and wasn't known in the members. Infact, i was the corrector i check each one's work, the one who made webpages, and i lead every one how they should work for their parts. Im still not sure why the group wasn't that sucssesful, I think it's because we haven't trained in being a group before in the right way.
Im glad our project was succeded eventually, i really worked hard with the memebers to make it at the end.

After this english course, my writing skill got very effective, my speaking got much more enhanced,since i learnt lots of vocabulary that i hope i'de use in the future,and practicing them while class and project, it was my only chance to use and improve my english,which i try it very hard with my self. Same thing occured to my listening and reading.

---im not sure if it was that difficult but it was kinda hard to me, it was speaking in english with the teacher all the time, it sometimes cause misscomminication, specially i'm not that good in expressing what i want to say clearly by speaking english. I think the reason is not practicing talking in english in other situations other than class,which it only i could be exposed to the english enviroment. If all that could happen, i would know how really i should speak and it would improve my ability to express myself in english very easily.


The easiest part was creating the webpages, i really had fun making them, i think the reason was that i always wanted to them before, and also cause of being skilled in computer stuff.

The Teachers were very encouraging and openminded, i really liked them all, i was afraid in the first time, but they seemed very helpful so i got comfortable at the end. Their questions were very intresting, and they showed other view of points that i didn't notice before, and that i could think and deal extendedly with in the future, their questions were really unexpected ,creative ,inspiring and might lead into new issues that could be determined.

Interacting with such people gave me a great confidence and trust to meyself, prove myself that i can talk to other people anywhere anytime, they also encourage me to go own and work harder to the best that i can be. (up to top)
the objective of the project was clear, all we wanted to do is to webcast our presentation. But the steps we are going through in both for our course and project wasn't that clear, also, the course phases which was connected to our project tasks wasn't that clear, i didn't get that each of our course phase, we should be finnishing a part of our presentation, ( like in the paraphrasing phase, we should have been praphrasing our refrences). That made me being late at the end.

The teacher gave mostly all the requiered instruction we needed to do through our project. The only thing i got confused in, was how the information should be viewed in both in our blogs, essay papers and webpages, i thought that the essay paper are diffrent than the webpages, i thought that the summary should be written inside the essay, while the webpages contain most of the important information, while the blogs can have everything inside. But at the end, everything was clear to me so i corrected all.

The teacher only showed and guided us how to use the tools we had (blogs/searching/chatroom..etc), including teaching our course objective,is how to write an essay and make a presentation,and encouraging us through to do our best and alerting us that it's very important, the rest was our own effort and hard work.

This also gives me courage to present face to face, cuase i made the important first step to it. I think presenting online is easier than presenting face to face, which you'de be really encountered with the actuall people. In the future i think it depends on the situation to choose which way i should be using to present.

At the end i would say that im soo lucky that i had the chance to learn such experiance, i know that what i been tought would be used in the future, specially we are in the age of technology........

Thank you sooo much Miss Buthaina, i really really learnt alot from you, i hope that we improve our system of education here in kuwait, and make it more cooperative and creative...
See you miss
Your Student
Amal (up to top)

Safiya: (Evaluation Jan 7, 2004) (Safiya and Haya preseting on-line)

hi there...
First of all .. I would like to thank you miss for every thing you did this course. I realy injoiyed learning new skills with you and the other girls, and this is my answers of your questions, in honest.


1) As u know I presented my final project online, so it was fun to me, easy, and new experience that I little bit felt afraid of dud. As for using the internet and the computer in general to do the research, made the work fun but it needs TIME.
a. The new skills that I learned this course is how to paraphrase and write the outlining, and about the reading and listening I don't face problems with them at all. About speaking.. i wasn't bad, but i feel more confidence now, that made my mistakes much less than before, and the same with the writing.
b. The most difficult thing is to prepare the project, as searching, outlining, the power point and the rest.
c. The easiest part was presenting online.
d. I like the webheads, they were friendly, kind and funny like Damian :) and they realy were interested to our presentation.
e.Their questions were v.nice which made us go in a nice talking.

f. Yes, sure the project aims were very clear.
g.Yes, miss Buthaina :) u did give us enough and more instructions that made every thing clear, but u know, it's some times hard to follow all the instructions.
h. If i have a chance to present in future i would choose presenting online.
Take care
bye bye. (up to top)

Eman: (Evaluation Jan 7, 2004) (Eman Presenting in-class)

I am so happy to learn anew thing and get anew experience on
aresearch paper,because its nice to use a blog as my notebook ,
also its
easier to search in the internet to save it in my blog, visiting the
library is useful not only for the research but also for reading and
anew things that related to our study. I get anew experience by using
web page and so its too nice. Its also great to present on line and its
excellent work.
I have learned anew skills which improved my English specially
reading.In my opinion the bigining of writing the research was
,but searching in the Internet was easy
Ilike the idea of the online audience,and also their questions
discussions were very useful, the project goal was clear ,our teacher
very hard with us and give us enough instruction. If I have achance to
with group I will present on line in the futuer.

Eman Mousa Mulla Juma (up to top)

Shaima: (Evaluation Jan 7, 2004) ( Shaima preseting on-line)

(Shaima's built a website to use for her online presentation; she built it following the class teacher instructions online via Yahoo Messneger. Check out Teresa's and Buthaina's messages on Shaima's e-learning and Buthaina's facilitating experience)

(a) it was good experience, its improve my write skills and speaking.

(b-c) the project it wasn’t difficult also not that easy.

(d) it was so existing actually I love it .

(e) they didn’t asked me a lot of question but it was useful.

(f) yes

(g) yes, the teacher give me enough and full instructions and without u ms I couldn’t do it.

(h) in my opinion both of them are the same because I will be nervous in both of them and its ok to me if whether I present online or face it face. (up to top)

Fatma: (Evaluation Jan 11,2004) (Presented in-class)

Hi miss,
Iam Fatma ..
I presented in-class and i felt that i was very nervous becouse i was shy,in my opinion this project teaches us many things it helps us to improve our English language and in my opinion it will helps us in future if we want to do another project,it gives us a very good and new skills and impproved it.
And having a blog to post our collective information in made it easy on us to collect our information from the internet and then post it in another place in the internet which is belong to us,also internet searching was a very good step to have a library that we can visit any time we need it and from the whole world.

On the other hand it was usefull to visit the science library to know how to check for a referrence that we need,u know books are treatures for human beings even when there is a new type of referrences.

Bout the power point slides i like it so much i did it for my project but i didnt use it when presenting it,however i like it how can i show slides with voice and picture and emotions and many other things it was a good lovely experience to me.
My skills in writing,reading and listening were improved because i spent many times in reading and writing for this project and bout the listening skill it was improved when we went to the studio where the girls presented online and spoke to another teachers who speake English as the first language it was good for our ears to listen to them and to our minds to think of what r they saying to think bout the answer so it was like analysing procces.

It was difficult in the bigining of the project but after we were doing fine and great becuz our teacher was very helpfull with us and she provided every thing that helped us in our projects.so thank u so much miss for ur hard work with us to improve our skills and to have a good projects at the end of the semaster.
The project was very objective. Our teahcer gave us more than enough instruction on how to do the project .

If i have a chance to present again i will choose the online present but i know that i will be more nervous but i want to try :)

Thank u so much miss for what u did for us..:) (up to top)

Reem: (Evaluation Jan 8, 2004) (Reem presenting in-class)

Hi, Miss.I am reem.
How are you???
First, Iwant to thank you for every thing you do for us.

Next, in class 162 I was learning many thing in reading ,writing and
the most important in presentantion
. What I realy mean how to make it ,how
to use blog
and how to present it.

I was present in class and my topice was(( DNA technology)). It the
first time I present topic face to face
.But Miss buthaina help me and the
students how present on line
.I was learning from them how to present and how to
discussion it.
In future I will present any topic on line or face to
face because now I know how to make it and how to present it.
Finally,I was
enjoy with this subject and I learn many thing.

Thank you Miss buthaina for helping me, suporting me and for every thing. (up to top)

Sara: ( Evaluation Jan 13, 2004) (Presented in-class)

sorry miss i couldn't send an e-mail earlier .....here are my aswers

1- i have learned writing,speaking,and reading skills

2- searching for information is the difficult part in the project (Check out Sara's blog)

3- the easiest is writing an essay

4- i liked the web heads teachers it's fun ^^

5- and their questions were useful, i felt that i can present without hesitating and without being shy

6- the projects goals and objectives were clear

7- the teacher gave us enough instructures about the project

8- if i have the chance to present in the near future i will present online (up to top)

Mariam: (Evaluation Jan 13, 2004) (Presented in-class)

At first i was frightened of the project , but as i went deeper into it ,it became easier and i felt good about working on such a research that would help improve my english .The blog was hard to use , but I liked the fact that it was very helpful in showing the teacher and my friends how I was improving and allowing them to make notes and suggestion on what Iam doing.
The internet was the main source of my project and the english websites gave me the chance to read and write what Ithought of the subject .The power point on the other hand , was a simple means of showing my project ,It was very easy to use , and helped in making my presentation clearer.
I find the presentation most helpful in improving my english in terms of speaking ,listening and reading ,and the research paper helped alot in improving my writing skills .The objective of the project were clear , and the teacher 's instructions were very helpful for completing the project.
The most difficult was essay ,but the easiest was the out lining .
If I want to present in the future , Iwill choose on line .