Fall 2003_090
Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

Week 6
b) At a Car Dealership, in NY, USA!

Nadia is an international student living in NY, USA. She arrived in America a few months ago and needed to buy a car. She was confused about whether to buy or lease a car. She has never heard of car leasing in her country, therefore, she decided to go to a car dealership to inquire about the benefits of each way.Check out the transcript, below, of her conversation with Joseph, a salesman at a dealership, located in Albany,upstate New York.

Salesman: Joseph (A Native English Speaker).

Client: Nadia (A Non Native English Speaker).

Joseph: Hello. My name is Joseph. How can I help you?

Nadia: Hi. I need some information. I'm confused, which is more beneficial, to lease a car or to buy it?

Joseph: How much money would you like to spend per month?

Nadia: Between $250 and $300.

Joseph: In this case it's more beneficial if you lease the vehicle.

Nadia: Why is that?

Joseph: It is because you get more car for the money.

Nadia: Could you please elaborate?

Joseph: When you lease a car you're actually purchasing three fifths (3/5) of the car. At the end of the lease

period you have the option to purchase the remaining two fifths (2/5) of the car or turning the car to the dealership.

Nadia: I like the leasing. The lower car payment appeals to me.

Joseph: At this point, would you like to take your new car for a test drive?

Nadia: Yes please. Thank you.

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