Fall 2002_090 (last updated Spring 2004)
Instructor: Buthaina Al-Othman

NS, Unit 7: "New Car Technology"

  • During this week you will learn :
    1. How to write an effective evaluation essay.
    2. New authentic American English words and expressions, used in a certain situation, like buying or leasing a car.
    3. A new grammar rule:
  • Activity 2: ( Writing)
      1. Click on Unit 7 Vocabulary
      2. Click on Tips-O-Matic to learn more about how to write an Evaluation Essay.
      3. Choose three notes, from the table below,to write an essay about the advantages of the new car technology.
      4. Think about three disadvantages of the new car technology, and then use them to write another essay on the disadvantages of the new car technology.
      5. When you finish writing post one of the essays, after it is corrected, to your blog.

I Love the New Car Technology!

    1. Easy to drive. 3. Watch your favorate movie while travelling. 5. Enough for the whole family. 7. has a big trunk.
    2. with advanced audio system. 4. Comfortable and luxurious. 6. Fast and safe.

    8. convenient for

    long-distance trips.

* Source: Learning Resources :< http://literacynet.org/cnnsf/home.html>

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