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Webheads Meet for the First Time in a New Virtual Classroom

An Invitation by Michael Coghlan , to see and inspect the new Meeting Room, at Learning Times

Chatlog, below, was sent by Michael.

Join: 2003-07-27 04:08:30

Johnw: right

Me to Michaelc,Webmoderator: Hello , I'm buthaina , a webhead from Kuwait.

Instructor[Michaelc]: Hello Buth. Welcome.

Johnw: we have 28 communities, similar to

Vances: hi Buth

Venny: can we have sub rooms?

Johnw: in the LT network

Instructor[Michaelc]: :)

Vances: only if they play tennis

Cchao: reading the introduction of learning time, it says you can show snapshots of your own computer screen, how do you do that?

Me to Michaelc,Webmoderator: Hello Vance.

Venny: group room?

Instructor[Webmoderator]: jw?

Instructor[Michaelc]: Good q Vnace

Vances: money? what's that?

Instructor[Michaelc]: All webhead activity is free

Instructor[Michaelc]: Absolutely!

Teresadeca: lol vance

Johnw: yes the overlap is great

Venny: ;)

Instructor[Webmoderator]: We're delighted to! Thank you! Likewise, any time.

Johnw: how do you meet?

Cbsiskin: must go now -- this has been fun!

Vances: cya claire

Instructor[Michaelc]: Goodbye Claire

Johnw: reminds me of our photo days, everyone was on 3 chats
at once

Instructor[Michaelc]: JW or JF - why has Cchao got a check against their name

Venny: :)

Cchao: ?

Instructor[Michaelc]: how do you volunteer?

Cchao: I see

Instructor[Webmoderator]: sounds great, Michael.

Instructor[Michaelc]: Right!

Vances: how do you get a letter there?

Me to Vances: Are we going to receive a recording of this sessions, Vance?

Venny: how do you get check mark back?

Instructor[Michaelc]: Yes Buth - we are recording this.

Cchao: cccccc

Me to Vances: ok.Thanks, MC.

Mariarendon: Hi

Mariarendon: Finally I made it

Venny: but not in my menu?

Cchao: can we apply to be an instructor

Instructor[Michaelc]: We're all ears

Cchao: free?

Instructor[Cchao]: how wonderful

Venny: :)

Instructor[Michaelc]: :)

Instructor[Michaelc]: Mariarendon - hi there. Have we met before?

Instructor[Cchao]: you mean click on somebody's mic?

Mariarendon: can you hear me?

Me: I clicked Tere's Mic off, but it's not off yet!

Me: Sorry Tere.

Instructor[Cchao]: yes

Instructor[Cchao]: trying

Instructor[Webmoderator]: and in the meantime, we can hear someone else's voice -- mine's getting to be pretty monotonous, yes?

Instructor[Cchao]: liek to bring a picture from my computer, but not working well yet...

Mariarendon: can you hear me?

Venny: no

Instructor[Webmoderator]: hi!

Venny: yep

Instructor[Michaelc]: Yes!

Instructor[Webmoderator]: Yep, we hear you maria.

Mariarendon: can you hear me

Teresadeca: very low, maria

Me: Hi Maria! I hear in Kuwait! Up to Top

Instructor[Michaelc]: Where are you maria?

Instructor[Michaelc]: OK

Instructor[Webmoderator]: Maria, try raising the "mic" volume a touch, as pictured
to the right.

Instructor[Cchao]: that's me

Instructor[Webmoderator]: Hi, CC!!

Venny: we see you;)

Johnw: who's that?

Instructor[Cchao]: great

Instructor[Cchao]: that's me

Instructor[Cchao]: cc

Me: yes, we see your picture Maria..Hello.

Johnw: hi cc

Me: oh, sorry I mean Cc.

Instructor[Cchao]: go
t rid of it

Instructor[Michaelc]: ........???

Me: ok..thanks..

Instructor[Cchao]: NOOOOO

Instructor[Webmoderator]: Hi, Buthaina!

Mariarendon: Hi Buthaina

Instructor[Michaelc]: Mic volume down a bit Buth

Me: yes

Johnw: although we try :-)

Johnw: nice

Me: I meqan , using the whiteboard and saving a file..

Me: One person write on the whiteboard, while the other one saves an image or text filke?

Johnw: or the little doo
r icon

Johnw: yes

Me: aha..

Johnw: like a chipmunk

Vances: you're NOT a chipmonk??

Me: chipmunk?

Instructor[Cchao]: laugh out loud

Instructor[Michaelc]: Webheads are excellent at tangents

Vances: this has been a VERY clear connection

Me: no, you don't sound here like a chipmunk..

Vances: we've experienced a lot of net congestion in other tools

Mariarendon: yes It has been very clear

Me: I see, thanks Micael..

Me: sorry..

Venny: can we save the chat

Instructor[Michaelc]: This is in fact a very typical session. Trying out a new tool.

Me: Yes, Venny

Instructor[Webmoderator]: Good! Up to Top

Instructor[Webmoderator]: :-)

Instructor[Webmoderator]: A pleasure!

Me: how can cancel a request to talk..?

Instructor[Webmoderator]: Exactly!

Venny: I see;)

Me: I mean if I change my mind and don't want to talk..

Johnw: thats a whiteboard file particular to ell

Instructor[Webmoderator]: WBDs can be reimported at a later session

Instructor[Cchao]: what's the difference btw "follow instructor"
and "roam"?

Johnw: i can chat though

Me: I see..

Me: hmmm

Me: interesting.

Instructor[Webmoderator]: yes, it will all be recorded.

Instructor[Webmoderator]: I will turn it off when it's over

Instructor[Webmoderator]: sure thing!

Instructor[Webmoderator]: excellent!

Johnw: thansk MC for introducing us to your friends

Teresadeca: bye, mc. have a great week too

Mariarendon: Thanks

Mariarendon: bye mc

Instructor[Webmoderator]: Bye, M

Instructor[Cchao]: thank you

Ifayed: Thanks Michael and everyone

Instructor[Michaelc]: Ciao for now from Adelaide, Australia!

Instructor[Webmoderator]: Bye! :-)

Me: Thanks Michael and Cc..

Instructor[Michaelc]: Hi and bye Ismail!

Johnw: bye

Ifayed: byeeee

Mariarendon: bye

Teresadeca: thanks, everyone

Me: Bye all..

Instructor[Webmoderator]: See you all soon, come back any time. Up to Top

Teresadeca: i will :-)

Instructor[Webmoderator]: and feel free to explore the other LearningTimes resources while you are here. Let us know if you have any ideas or questions.

Instructor[Webmoderator]: hehehehehe

Instructor[Webmoderator]: or PowerPoints.

Instructor[Webmoderator]: Or AppSharing.

Me: oh, you are still here..!

Me: I went Tapped in 2..

Me: yes, saw it but doesn't tell who's online..

Me: took me to the same announcement page.

Me: oh, yes, saw it..

Instructor[Johnw]: and you need to click the drop down arrow

Vances: pretty cool site

Me: yes, it is Vance..

Instructor[Webmoderator]: yes, maria -- everyone can see it.

Me: Wow, really cool..

Instructor[Webmoderator]: and 13,000 of our closest fri



Instructor[Johnw]: jf?

Instructor[Webmoderator]: conference on language learning!

Instructor[Webmoderator]: absolutely!

Teresadeca: sure thing, vance!

Instructor[Cchao]: great!

Instructor[Webmoderator]: A great idea, Vance!

Teresadeca: a webhead conference would be fabulous

Instructor[Webmoderator]: And well suited to the medium.

Me: great Vance..


Me: and a one free session for each webhead with their students!

Me: Would really be excellent..hehehe..

Instructor[Webmoderator]: we do have ecommerce, sure. :-) Up to Top

Teresadeca: thank you! portuguese speakers, yes!

Teresadeca: thanks!

Me: I heard a message in Arabic on the Board voice..yes, nice..

Mariarendon: and Spanish speakers, yes

Teresadeca: it would be a fabulous mix, jon!

Teresadeca: absolutely

Instructor[Johnw]: voice boards

Me: it's very rare to find Arabic , I think teachers here in Kuwait will like it..

Me: Yes, Johnw , yes, I meant the wimba Voice Board, at LT.

Instructor[Webmoderator]: Right.

Instructor[Webmoderator]: :-) !!!

Instructor[Johnw]: i'm going to run as well

Instructor[Webmoderator]: hehehehee

Instructor[Webmoderator]: Can i have a waffle, JW?

Instructor[Webmoderator]: Bye John!

Instructor[Johnw]: who are you dave collins?

Mariarendon: Ciao Bello... and thanks

Teresadeca: i also have to go. thank you! and let's carry on this conference idea!!! :-)

Instructor[Johnw]: shy people

Mariarendon: yes Vance

Instructor[Cchao]: still listening

Instructor[Webmoderator]: :)

Instructor[Webmoderator]: right.

Me: Yes, Vance, Tere, hope we can do the conference idea.

Instructor[Webmoderator]: you can appshare your video, but video is not
supported here.

Teresadeca: an image is important, jon

Teresadeca: take care, too, jon

Mariarendon: bye

Me: Bye.

Instructor[Webmoderator]: :-)

Mariarendon: is this conversation also being recorded?

Vances: cya

Teresadeca: bye, everyone. need to go. time for a late lunch. i'm starving

Me: Me too..very hungry..

Instructor[Webmoderator]: I have stopped the audio recording, but you can continue to use the room and the chat

Vances: I think it was being recorded, I was asked if it should be turned off

Instructor[Cchao]: thank you all for a great first webhead meeting

Mariarendon: Can the voice be recorded too?

Instructor[Cchao]: will come back again

Instructor[Webmoderator]: you can save the chat at any time using the File menu (save direct messaging conversation)

Vances: great our pleasure

Vances: the voice chat as well?

Mariarendon: thanks Jon

Instructor: (I just ended the voice recording about 30 seconds ago -- that will have the whole experience in it ... Michael will send around the link.)

Venny: Thanks

Mariarendon: cool

Mariarendon: can we stay for a little while more?

Instructor: Of course! Stay as long as you like :-)

Mariarendon: ok ;-)

Instructor: Mics and whiteboard will stay active.

Mariarendon: excellent

Vances: I'm going to disappear for now. I'll be back later.

Me: Michael, Sus, mentionjed that we can have the whole session recorded, including voice and text, and save it ..can we do this using File too?

Instructor: logging out .... bye ....

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