Note:The chat was supposed to take place at TI, however, due to some kind of technical problems at the C-Lab of ELU/Scinec, we had to carry it at YM, which I had to download with difficulty under time pressure into some of the computers.This resulted in reducing the time scheduled for this event to 30 minutes instead of one hour, since students had to leave to go to their classes.Despite all the dificulties, I am very glad that this event encourgaed some students to participate in the discussion, however.

I am so grateful to Susanne Nyrop, Dafne Gonzalez, and Arnold Mühren for accepting my invitation to chat with my students on a planned topic based on a required topic of a Unit, included in our 090 text book North Star, Unit 2 "Telecommuting".


Yahoo! Messenger: Conference esl_efl_ku-113539 started.

amuhrennl: and Arnold from Holland

heavengirl_2000_ca: hi sus  long Time NO See

susannenyrop: wonderful to see you again, Aisha

dygonza: Dafne in Spain

amuhrennl: Hi Shorouq

susannenyrop: you're Aisha 2. right?

heavengirl_2000_ca: Yes that's me 

sun_set1111: it is mean sun shine

sun_set1111: hiiiiiiiiiiiii

susannenyrop: hello Shorouq, what a brilliant name.

heavengirl_2000_ca: NIce to meet u Arnold

sun_set1111: thank you

dygonza: so we have Shrouq and Aisha here

amuhrennl: Nice to meet you, Aisha

dygonza: Shorouq

heavengirl_2000_ca:  that's right,, who are u dygonza?

Yahoo! Messenger: lady_844 has joined the conference.

susannenyrop: Aisha, did you have any news from your brother in Canada?

lady_844: hi

dygonza: I am Dafne in Spain

dygonza: hi lady

susannenyrop: hello, Lady, what is your real name?

sun_set1111: hiiiiiii

lady_844: aisha

susannenyrop: I'm Sus in Denmark, Lady Aisha

lady_844: i know, how are you?

susannenyrop: I know that Aisha is a very common name in your class

dygonza: I am Dafne, in Spain, L Aisha

sun_set1111: hi sus

heavengirl_2000_ca: Sorry about that  Dygonza

Yahoo! Messenger: marouko19 has joined the conference.

amuhrennl: Hi, Aisha the second

heavengirl_2000_ca: i talk to him everyday in the msn Sus 

marouko19: good morning

sun_set1111: welkome moroko

heavengirl_2000_ca: and he is doing allright

amuhrennl: hi marouko19

dygonza: hello Marouko

marouko19: I`m lolo

susannenyrop: Oh Aisha heavengirl, that is very good.

sun_set1111: welcome

marouko19: how r u ??

susannenyrop: Hi Lolo!! nice to meet you again

dygonza: lolo, nice to have you here

marouko19: me 2

amuhrennl: and me

susannenyrop: I'm just fine, Lolo , and you?

marouko19: thnx

Yahoo! Messenger: shaining84 is not available.

susannenyrop: I just had a long phone calll with my daughter Clara - she is studying in Mexico

marouko19: I`m OK

heavengirl_2000_ca: oh and how is she doing??

heavengirl_2000_ca: i hope she's fine

susannenyrop: Wel,, she is doing fine. She learns how to manage life on her own


heavengirl_2000_ca: Good To hear that

heavengirl_2000_ca: what's wrong sun set?

sun_set1111: no body talk with me                     [1] [MM1]  

heavengirl_2000_ca: why are u like that  ?

susannenyrop: Oh, Aisha! Don't be silly

marouko19: loool                                          [2]   [MM2]  


susannenyrop: YOU talk to US, too, Aisha the second!

Yahoo! Messenger: shaining84 has joined the conference.

dygonza: don't laugh so loudly Sus

marouko19: r u want 2 cry?? sooooooooo cry                

shaining84: hello

amuhrennl: Hi Shaining84

amuhrennl: nice to meet you

dygonza: hi there, Shaining

susannenyrop: Hey hey, welcome to our chat, Shaining

shaining84: how are you?

amuhrennl: fine and you?

dygonza: fine, how are you?

shaining84: fine

susannenyrop: Thanks, I'm doing fine - here in Denmark it is rainy and cold.

esl_efl_ku: Daf, Sus, Arnold, shaining84 is a student from Iran.

sun_set1111: ok ihave to leave now thank you

dygonza: It is sunny here in Spain

susannenyrop: but we enjoy to see little yellow spring flowers in our garden

susannenyrop: I see that your class os soon over

amuhrennl: what time does it end, Buth?

heavengirl_2000_ca: sorry all but i got to go now, nice to see and chat with u all,, and hope to See u again ,,

susannenyrop: was nice to meet you again, Aisha Aisha and Lolo

amuhrennl: yes, we hope to see you again soon.

dygonza: nice meeting you, Aisha

heavengirl_2000_ca: Me too 

susannenyrop: all the tehcnical trouble took a lot of time

marouko19: SO do u have Telecommuting in Dinemark??

heavengirl_2000_ca: bye

shaining84: hi every body

Yahoo! Messenger: sun_set1111 has left the conference.

Yahoo! Messenger: heavengirl_2000_ca has left the conference.

susannenyrop: yes, lots of people do telecommunte

dygonza: we do in spain


  [MM1] Grammar: Present Continous-"Nobody is talking to me". Or Simple Present Tense: "Noboday talks to me". Notice , "S" is added to the verb with the third person.

  [MM2] Abbreviations: Lauhg out loud=Lol