Text-Chat Project 2

Chat Topic: Telecommuting

  1. What is telecommuting? Is it a new phenomenon in the world?
  2. Do we have telecommuters in Kuwait?
  3. Do people telecommute in Spain, Denmark, and Netherland?
  4. What are the dvantages and disadvantages of telecommunting?


  • Dafne , in Spain , Susanne , from Denmark,and Arnold from the Netherland

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Note: This text-chat project was designed to be held at Tapped In ; however, due to an accessability problem to the text-chat supported

site of Tapped In, from our c-lab in Khaldiya campus, I decided to use Yahoo! Messenger , on the spot, and it worked!

The above mentioned Webheads in Action volunteered to participate in this text-chat project were very helpful, uderstanding, and felxible.

The technician, Ahed Okasha, at the Computer Center of Kuwait University, in shuwaikh was also very helpful. He solved and fixed the problem of accessing tapped in a few days,later.

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2003 Buthaina Al Othman