Chatlog of the session saved from Webheads Office @!

Join: 2005-04-14 08:53:19

chrissan [undisclosed]: I get the sam message

chrissan [undisclosed]: but can't SEE anything at all

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: is it because your webcam is activated in YM?

chrissan [undisclosed]: I had it on...

chrissan [undisclosed]: lot of statoc, Buth

Daf [undisclosed]: I am wearing my pyjamas, so I will not use my webcam

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: lol, daf

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: I am getting Vance sporadically

chrissan [undisclosed]: broadcast please Daf!

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: on webcam

jamesingentilly [james]: i see you fine

Daf [undisclosed]: I see you Vance

chrissan [undisclosed]: Hi beautiful!

ChrisJ [Chris]: I can see Vance in LT.

ChrisJ [Chris]: Now he's gone.

chrissan [undisclosed]: The man can't take a compliment ....

Me: oh, sorry..about that

Me: go ahead Vance..

jamesingentilly [james]: we hear vance fine but don't see his video

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: ok, thanks Vance

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: I could hear Vance fine

chrissan [undisclosed]: I hear fine, too

Daf [undisclosed]: I am at

jamesingentilly [james]: i'll go now

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: We were just there--only Buth and me.

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Okey-dokey

ChrisJ [Chris]: I'm in TI and YM

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: lost voice

Moderator: Yes, we saa it, Vance..No lost you agaoin

jamesingentilly [james]: hello

Daf [undisclosed]: hi James

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: I see only a blank whiteboard, Buth

jamesingentilly [james]: dont hear vance now

jamesingentilly [james]: and the whiteboard is blank

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Daf , it's been a while..How are you? miss you

Daf [undisclosed]: I am multitasking (correcting my grad students' final projects) so I will be quiet listening

Daf [undisclosed]: I was in Spain for a month, Buth

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: wow. amonth

Daf [undisclosed]: now I am back with tons of work and unread messages ;-)

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: good for you:-0

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Read all of mine first, Daf (he-he)_

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Must have one you good

Daf [undisclosed]: he he, well, that's how I started, elizabeth

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Buth--are we supposed to see Vance's presentation here, or has he been cut off??

jamesingentilly [james]: don't hear or see anything just now

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: no one's talking, James

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: are you all in TI?

chrissan [undisclosed]: me neither... sounds like an old LP

jamesingentilly [james]: now i have audio

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Chrissan--you made it!!

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: speak louder Chris

Daf [undisclosed]: too low, Chris

jamesingentilly [james]: volume too low

Moderator: hi James!

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: better

jamesingentilly [james]: fine

chrissan [undisclosed]: Vive la France!

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: voice is fine, james

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: better james

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Much better, James

jamesingentilly [james]: sorry is that better

jamesingentilly [james]: good

chrissan [undisclosed]: loud and cleaar

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Pretty good, Buth

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: yours is OK, butj

Daf [undisclosed]: it is loud and clear, Buth

ChrisJ [Chris]: Buth is fine and clear

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: no, I'm not in TI

Daf [undisclosed]: he is in Yahoo Messenger

Daf [undisclosed]: also at TI

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: I'll start recording audio when the conference starts

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: it's 2:07 taiwan time

ChrisJ [Chris]: Vance just said Hi in TI.

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: i've got no class this afternoon, yeepee

Daf [undisclosed]: lol, Aiden

Daf [undisclosed]: but he is at TI and and at YM

chrissan [undisclosed]: godd for you Aiden

ChrisJ [Chris]: hooray for Aiden

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: but i've got papers to check :-(

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: booo

ChrisJ [Chris]: Does Vance have a conference going in YM?

Daf [undisclosed]: so do I, Aiden, and 2 courses to plan

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: yes, i think so too, James

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: Vance says he's going to ignore us once his conference starts

chrissan [undisclosed]: life is hard and cruel, girls!

Daf [undisclosed]: I don't know, Chris, I just see he is connected

ChrisJ [Chris]: O.K. same here

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: lol

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: that was fun

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Chrissan--lol!

elderbob [Robert]: Hello all.

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: Susanna was really talking to me. [Aiden is talking about Buth's first Chatbot creted at ]

Daf [undisclosed]: :hugs Bob

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: You can do private or public, James--is that the Question?

elderbob [Robert]: Im sorry, I didnt have my headset on.

jamesingentilly [james]: hi elder bob from paris

chrissan [undisclosed]: hello Elderbob, nice to meet you!

elderbob [Robert]: Hi James...who is the moderator.

jamesingentilly [james]: buth is the moderator

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: James--just below the text entry box is a TO: window--

elderbob [Robert]: Hi, Chrissan.

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: if you pull it down you can talk privately.

elderbob [Robert]: Buth, my screen doesnt show a moderator.

chrissan [undisclosed]: how do I take it down...?

elderbob [Robert]: Woops, I am wrong.

chrissan [undisclosed]: thanks James

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: i've taken a screenshot of james, eliz, chris

ChrisJ [Chris]: Vance was in LT several times and lost his connection.

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Did you see the screenshot on my computer?

ChrisJ [Chris]: Nice to "see" you Elizabeth.

elderbob [Robert]: Congrats to you for your InSync Certification. [ He is talking about the SLC201—Facilitation Certificate Graduates, Buth obtained completing a course by InSync Training Center, at, in March 2005]

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Gottcha, Chris

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Buth--I'll have to leave very soon--way late for me.

ChrisJ [Chris]: Your voice is very light.

elderbob [Robert]: Thanks.

jamesingentilly [james]: not quite as loud as buth

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: A little louder if possible, Bob?

chrissan [undisclosed]: very light

jamesingentilly [james]: yess please

elderbob [Robert]: I turned it up a bit James.

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: Chrissan, that's your chinese name

chrissan [undisclosed]: Ling Shu Hui is here, too

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Beautiful, Aiden!

Daf [undisclosed]: how about mine, Aiden?

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Ebob--that's good!

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: my students wrote the name (in Chinese) for Chrissan

Daf [undisclosed]: I see, how nice :-)

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: James--where do you teach in Paris, again?

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: i'll get the url, daf, give me a sec.

Daf [undisclosed]: ok, thanks

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: here's the url daf

jamesingentilly [james]: ENST is where i teach telecommunications

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: James--lucky you--I was at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes for a year doing diss research

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: (long ago)

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: working with people here

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: not able to remain connected long enough to talk

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: maybe the talking is bumping me

jamesingentilly [james]: paris is a nice place to live but so is california

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: we'll see in a moment

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: meanwhile, please interact in Tapped In with us

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Ok, Vance

grankageva [undisclosed]: hello there, just got home from uni

chrissan [undisclosed]: Sorry, have to go to work now... my students are waiting!

chrissan [undisclosed]: I'l listen to the recording later

chrissan [undisclosed]: bfn

grankageva [undisclosed]: anyone got the TI addy?

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: I guess we need both

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]:

Daf [undisclosed]: :hugs Renata

ChrisJ [Chris]: go to

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: i'll go to TI, too

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: Hi Renata

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: i Might go to Kyoto early June

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Yes, let's try to keep both open, Buth

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: this is one of the good things of having a wide screen

elderbob [Robert]: Id like to go to Houston Street Bistro in San Antoniol

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: I am in both places, Buth

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Jumping back and forth

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Vance must be doing something in the land-based space

elderbob [Robert]: Ok, I am in both roooms now.

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: the connection here remains as long as I don't talk

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: and don't web cam

jamesingentilly [james]: we can follow what you're saying in chat

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: yes

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: I also got kicked out in screen share mode

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Not good.

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: Where shall we be, Vance?

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: What is your audience doing?

elderbob [Robert]: Im in Tapped in, but I dont see Vance saying anything.

jamesingentilly [james]: i'm in the reception area

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: I think Vance is talking to his audience?

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: I would love to stay, Buth, but am tired--good night to everyone!

elderbob [Robert]: Bye, Elizabeth....

jamesingentilly [james]: sleep tight

elderbob [Robert]: night.

grankageva [undisclosed]: nite elixabeth

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: gnight Elizabeth

ChrisJ [Chris]: good night

ElizabethHa [Elizabeth]: I will, Buth--ciao all!!

grankageva [undisclosed]: wow bob nice pic

jamesingentilly [james]: yes i see that

jamesingentilly [james]: yes

elderbob [Robert]: ITs in the white board

Daf [undisclosed]: I have sent you the screenshot of my chinese name, Aiden :-)

elderbob [Robert]: Look under view and see if you are locked.

jamesingentilly [james]: no problem

Daf [undisclosed]: you can give him privileges, Buth

jamesingentilly [james]: thaks bob

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: hi can I text talk here

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: unfortunately I'm not able to speak

ChrisJ [Chris]: People are listing their blogs in TI.

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: ohsure, you can chat..Lader!

Moderator to jamesingentilly [james]: James, would you like to email me your sldies, so that I try to upload for you

Moderator: Yes, can see you Vance, now you're gone

jamesingentilly [james]: vance disappeared when he tried to put up the video

Daf [undisclosed]: video is the problem

jamesingentilly [james]: why is there now a column on the left with video cameras?

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: I think it worked perfect the other day..

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: or too many things going on at the same time, computers can go crazy too, you know;-)

ChrisJ [Chris]: I'm another one who is going to have to go to bed. It's 11:43, and I have to teach at 8 a.m. tomorrow.

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: This tells us, that we can show our cams, James

jamesingentilly [james]: i c

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: you can do that

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Yes

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Leader, I manged

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: I get bumped if I try to do anything like talk

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: or show web cam

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: it works in passive and text mode

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: I can't present though

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: TI is working

jamesingentilly [james]: we could hear vance until he tried

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]] to MeetingLeader: would you like me to try again

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: don't show video then here in LT

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: have you tried in YM Vance?

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]] to MeetingLeader: Yes, but the voice was good..

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]] to MeetingLeader: We cna hear you at least, and this would make much better

ChrisJ [Chris]: good night, all!

jamesingentilly [james]: good night cris

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: night chris

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: No, Chris..What time is it there in Arizonja/

jamesingentilly [james]: hear you now

Daf [undisclosed]: yes

elderbob [Robert]: I hear you find.

elderbob [Robert]: fine.

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: I can't see your cam at YM, Vance!

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: i can't see your cam in YM Vance!

elderbob [Robert]: Well, it is late for me, so I can leave my seat for someone else.

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: no

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: no!

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: me too

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Ok, thanks

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: aiden

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: don't snob me

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: now i can see it

elderbob [Robert]: Its late for me anyway, so with that, all to have a good night.

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: lol

elderbob [Robert]: see you later.

jamesingentilly [james]: can you invite jamesingentilly too

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: ok, i can see it now

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: grant permission, Vance

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: I'm still for your permission, Vance?

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: me too, this is the 2nd time you snobbed me

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: hmmppp!

Daf [undisclosed]: got it

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: grant access!!!!

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: please!!!!

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: look at the text box, Vance, i'm waiting for you to grant my request

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: got it, Vance, thanks

jamesingentilly [james]: good quality video

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: it's dark, Vance..

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Can't see you!!

jamesingentilly [james]: looks fine here

jamesingentilly [james]: it's always great when there's a work around

jamesingentilly [james]: but we don't hear vance now

jamesingentilly [james]: "bleeding edge" technology

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: can't see

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: you still haven't granted ,my request to view your cam

Daf [undisclosed]: I see your participants

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: can you take screenshots daf, please?

Daf [undisclosed]: ok

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: can't see

jamesingentilly [james]: seee the error page

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: you need to republish

jamesingentilly [james]: yes

Daf [undisclosed]: There is a screenshot of your room, Vance

jamesingentilly [james]: fingers crossed

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: I can see the page here at Elluminate!

Daf [undisclosed]: the screenshot is on the whiteboard

jamesingentilly [james]: saw it for a second then it bumpede you

Daf [undisclosed]: you can see it if you move the web page

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: No sound now!

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: You are not talking here, Vance!

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: ok.

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Recording is on

jamesingentilly [james]: vance's audio is back now

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: ok

grankageva [undisclosed]: waving hi to everyone from Japan!

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Vance, is having tech. difficukties with the sound and video so he mgiht be going and coming, unfortunately, James!

jamesingentilly [james]: hi

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: It's the technology! You know!

jamesingentilly [james]: the webtour is working fine

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Right..this was one of the best,- Bee is also mentioned there

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: James, The Desksharing is also a good feature that works perfect here

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: it's stopped too..

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: I am Vance

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Vance, try to invite us all to a conference at YM and show your cam ther..Should work better

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: I believe

jamesingentilly [james]: i have vance's webcam in yahoo

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]] to MeetingLeader: Great, Abdallah..Please send your URL, when you're done!

jamesingentilly [james]: one of my class blogs is

jamesingentilly [james]: we've had it since March 2003

grankageva [undisclosed]: i'm blogging

grankageva [undisclosed]: transcribing my class right now

grankageva [undisclosed]: to put on my blog

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Great, Abdallah..Please send your URL, when you're done!

jamesingentilly [james]: but you can make the members moderators too

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: James, have you seen my private message I sent you?

jamesingentilly [james] to Buthaina [Buthaina],MeetingLeader: I saw it in TI

jamesingentilly [james] to Buthaina [Buthaina],MeetingLeader: i need your email if you want me to send the

jamesingentilly [james] to Buthaina [Buthaina],MeetingLeader: picture

jamesingentilly [james] to Buthaina [Buthaina],MeetingLeader: but it's not really very important... it's the cover of the book i wrote

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]] to jamesingentilly [james]: sent you the same one pease feel free to send me the covers of your book..I think it's a good idea.

jamesingentilly [james] to Buthaina [Buthaina],MeetingLeader: what email?

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]] to jamesingentilly [james]:

venny [undisclosed]: Greeting from Taipei, Taiwan

jamesingentilly [james] to Buthaina [Buthaina],MeetingLeader: ok

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Hi Taipei, good to se you here!

Daf [undisclosed]: hi Venny

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: that's Venny, Buth ;-)

venny [undisclosed]: Thanks, Buith.

Daf [undisclosed]: glad you finally made it here :-)

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Hi Venny, sorry called you Taipei!

venny [undisclosed]: I had problem to log in

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: LOL, noticed yourname later..Venny..apology

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: How , Venny/

venny [undisclosed]: java problem, I think

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Lots of tech glitches today here and and at TI

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: I c

jamesingentilly [james] to Buthaina [Buthaina],MeetingLeader: i'll send it now

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]] to jamesingentilly [james]: ok, James, go ahead

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: I have my email opened now..

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]] to jamesingentilly [james]: woops, went to the public chat area, James..My email is opened now

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Yeah, that reminds of Cairo, the AUC Conference

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: yes

Daf [undisclosed]: we are

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: ;-)

grankageva [undisclosed]: yes, hearing

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: creative...

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: that's great

jamesingentilly [james]: i just sent the picture by email

Daf [undisclosed]: nice work

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]] to jamesingentilly [james]: just got your email

grankageva [undisclosed]: james is there...

Daf [undisclosed]: James, are you around?

grankageva [undisclosed]: we think...

jamesingentilly [james]: yes i'm trying to talk but slow computer

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: go ahea Renata

Daf [undisclosed]: Renata talk to us

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: yes...

Daf [undisclosed]: My students loved Renata's presentation about using blogs for research

jamesingentilly [james]: hi i'm back again

grankageva [undisclosed]: yeah, over to james

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Vance, could you please show this page where Renata commented on a blog of one of my students:

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: TV Violence in Japan and in Kuwait too

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]:

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Thanks, Reneat

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: hello mustafa

grankageva [undisclosed]: i think the comments feature is great on blogs

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Hi ahmad

grankageva [undisclosed]: hello mustafa

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: great job, renata!

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Reneta, many people recognized you at TESOL 05!

grankageva [undisclosed]: that sounds fantastic, mustafa

grankageva [undisclosed]: so you get a recorded progression

grankageva [undisclosed]: great for peer support in the following year

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: excellent , Ahmad

jamesingentilly [james]: the class blog that I've used the longest is at

grankageva [undisclosed]: yeah brilliant, modelling

jamesingentilly [james]: since 2003

Moderator[MeetingLeader]: James are you able to talk to us?

jamesingentilly [james]: i think so...

grankageva [undisclosed]: goal setting, spot on for motivation

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Thank you, Ahamd

grankageva [undisclosed]: fantastic

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: thanks mustafa

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: this was great, and thanks for sharing

jamesingentilly [james]: should i try now

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: vance, james is back

Daf [undisclosed]: sorry, need to go now. It is 3:30 am and I am going to bed.

Daf [undisclosed]: Thanks Vance and everybody :-)

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: night daf, sleep tight

Daf [undisclosed]: thanks

Daf [undisclosed]: bye

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: great idea

grankageva [undisclosed]: I think that's a good idea to send out email so that the whole community gets notified

grankageva [undisclosed]: keeps the discourse community intact

grankageva [undisclosed]: makes for a group feel

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: agree

grankageva [undisclosed]: kind of like an informal RSS

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: builds community

Daf [undisclosed]: LiveJournal does that

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: you're still here, DAf?

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: lol

Daf [undisclosed]: he he

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: ;-)

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: can't resist, can you?

grankageva [undisclosed]: so students take turns to kind of hot up the blog

Daf [undisclosed]: right

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: agree with James

jamesingentilly [james]: yes i think so

jamesingentilly [james]: no sound now

grankageva [undisclosed]: that's a good idea too, taking turns,

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: no ones talking...

grankageva [undisclosed]: makes it a challenge rather than a burden

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: yes

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: go ahead

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Thanks, James, that was impressive!

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: yes

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Nice blog, Ahmad..Can se it now

jamesingentilly [james]: the "blogit!" short cut is really useful

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: LOl

jamesingentilly [james]: i'm hope i didn't talk too much

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Tea break!

jamesingentilly [james]: half full

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: not at all, James; it was very useful and thanks for sharing

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: i'd like to share this recording to TESOL's NNEST's steering committee

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: renata's and james contributions are great

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: some tech problems , Vance, today , here and at TI

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: nice to be here

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Nice Blog Ahmad..thanks..

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: My pleasure , Vance

jamesingentilly [james]: bravo buth

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: yes

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Thanks, James, it's my first time, acting as a producer

jamesingentilly [james]: buth saved the day!

jamesingentilly [james]: (morning)

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: I hope I was helpful enough

jamesingentilly [james]: indeed

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: alright

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: :-) thanks

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: back to checking papers!

jamesingentilly [james]: how does desktop sharing work?

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Bye and thanlks all

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: buth could answer that [ Buthaina broadcasted the answer using the audio box at the Webheads Office by Elluminate at ]

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: lol

grankageva [undisclosed]: bye everyone,

jamesingentilly [james]: good

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Thanks, Aiden

grankageva [undisclosed]: thanks aiden

jamesingentilly [james]: bye

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: Bye, aiden

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: yes

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: stopped

grankageva [undisclosed]: k, i'm back to work then

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: ok, thanks

AidenYeh [undisclosed]: lol

Moderator[Buthaina [Buthaina]]: bye bye

grankageva [undisclosed]: bye

jamesingentilly [james]: bybye

venny [undisclosed]: see you

jamesingentilly [james]: bye

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