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Fall 2001- 2002_161(last updated: Spring 2003)

Instructor: Buthaina Al-Othman

Note: The Online activities, below, were first created differently, in Fall 2001-02 for the use of my ESP, EfS # 161 students.They have been, redesigned, modified, and developed for the second time in a new 161 CALL blended Unit, in July 2003, based on chapters from the required textbook, Englsih for Science, by Zimmerman. Unfortunately, I was unable to use the new Online Unit with students to test and evaluate; I was assigned to teach another ESP, EfS course # 162, in Fall 2003!

The new 161 Online Lessons were redesigned and modified, as a result of new learned experiences from and with Webheads' CoP. I am grateful, specially to Vance Stevens, Webheads Coordinator, for helping me through his online constructivist instructions and guidance to learn more and improve my e-learning skill. Also, I am greatly appreciative to Dafne Gonzalez, a Webhead in Action, for showing me/us through her Architecture Online Unit how to design an effective Online ESP Unit !


Activities: Part 1

The activities below are related to topics included in EfS Text book , Chapters: 1, 2,5,9

Note: Activites: Part 1, must be completed and submitted on April 22nd, 2003

Ch 5: Defining
Ch 1: Classifying
Ch 2: Comparaing
Ch 9: Calculating

Activity 1:

Outlining a Formal Definition.

Activity 1:

Moslem Scientists!

Activity 1:

Greek Philosophers!


Activity 1 & 2:

Converting units of measurment:

a) Ingredients List of Dansih Pancake.

b) Ingredients List of Portugese Cod fish.

Activity 2:

Write Extended definitions of Some Terms.

Activity 3:

Listening, Reading, & Writing


Activities: Part 2

The activities below are related to topics included in EfS Text book , Chapters: 8, 10, & 11


Ch 8: Experimenting
Ch 10: Reporting
Ch 11: Describing

Writing Process Paragraph or Essay

Activity 1:

Paella Cooking Lesson from Spain!

Activity 2: (includes a quiz on lighning)


Activity 1:

Writing a Short Summary of a News Story.

Activity 2:

Writing Reporting Sentences.

Activity 3:

"The Science of Genetics" (coming next Semester, September 2003)

Writing Description Paragraph / Essay

Activity 1:

The Grand Mosque of Kuwait

Activity 2 :

African Cats or Frogs.

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