To use the Conference Room as a Moderator, you need to follow these instructios:

  1. Log in as a moderator . . . use the @compued added to your login name to be a moderator. Example: buthaina@compued
  2. When you enter the room (as a moderator), click the moderator tab on the top,and then turn on the "Follow me" and "Sync webpage" functions shown on the drop down box. ('Follow me' and 'Sync webpage' are both moderator functions, which help to control what pages other participants are viewing).
  3. When you enter the room, the default page will load, which has the PPt. Presentation by Dr Lawrensen.(You can either:
    • let that finish, takes about 30 seconds.
    • or turn it off immediately by changing the URL in the address bar. Remember to click the "Sync webapes", immediately after you insert the URL.
  4. Notice that you need to turn on the "Sync webpages" everytime a participant joins the room.

Note: This Conference Room has a capacity of 15 participants.


©2003 Buthaina Al Othman