Fall 2002 - (Last updated: February 22, 2005))

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

Useful English Resources for Remedial English 090 Students

Dave’s esl café. (Join Central Chat)

Free Online English Lessons! by Charlie Williams

English listening, writing, and vocabulary exercises for EGP & EAP

Webhead Yaodong eClasses

A lovely site for EFL students where they can join Web-projects in China and communicate with Chinese students and teachers.

Learn how to skim and scan an article.

Spelling it Right!

Free worksheets and advice from an experienced English teacher.

Commonly Used American Slang!

By Charles I. Kelly & Lawrence E. Kelly

Learn Grammar and Word Processing (WP), at

the Same Time! (by Vance Stevens).

Writing Ficx.com

Use this site to improve your writing skill.

English Daily

Tofel Site.

EFL / ESL Listening Resources! by Arlyn Freed

This site is great to practice your listening comprehension


Interesting site on vocabulary learning with pronunciation!

Sounds of English!

The Marzio School

Real English Online!

This site provides very good EFL/ESL on-line video lessons.This site requires RealPlayer and a password to use the videos.

(VLC), Virtual Language Center

A very useful site with spoken English exercises.


English Baby!

This site provides movies with scripts and exercises.


On this site you can enjoy reading poems, fiction & nonfiction stories, and quotations!

Chat with a Native English Teacher, in

Germany! (Webhead Chris Fry).


News, articles,recipies and fun activites.

Writing Den's Tips-Omatic.

Learn to write a better Sentence, Paragraph,and Essay.


Learn more about about telecommuting.

CNN Newsroom for ESL learner.

Advantages and Disadvantages of


Global update

This site porvides authentic articles with exercises contain audio and video fragments.

StudyCom English For Internet

Free On-line Classes with English teachers and learners from all over the world!

Good Grammar, good style:


Vocabulary Tests,(all levels).

By Paul Nation & Batia Laufer, adapted for WWW by Tom Cobb.

Hyper Grammar!

University of Ottawa Writing Center.

EduFind. English rules sorted by letters.

You can take a free on-line test here.

English Daily!

This site provides many interesting sections for English learners, including idioms, slang words & expressions, grammar, and proverbs.

Free on-line English courses


This site provides interesting books for children and adults
In addition to Stories and Harry Potter!(You need to sign up, though).

One Stop English.com ( great lesson plans for teachers).


Daily Al Ahram (English version)

Let's voice chat!

Strategies and Resources for Using the Internet Effectively in the Classroom (http://www.kn.sbc.com/support/mike/internet-strategies.htm)

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