"Together, We Can Build Kuwait"

Kuwait University

Science College - (CALL ) Unified Remedial English Course

(090/14), Spring 2002




  • NorthStar-Focus on Reading and Writing-Intermediate.
  • Fundamentals of English Grammar, Betty Schrampfer Azar.
  • 090 Student Supplement Booklet.
  • 090 Multimedia CALL Project.

    (Course books are available in Shuwaikh Bookstore).








Course Description:

Buthaina Al Othman (Ms.)

Office Hours:

Kh 3, 2nd floor, Room # 12

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: 12:30pm - 1:30pm

E-mail: balothman@hotmail.com

Tel: 4849146 Ext.7287

This is a General English non-credit course. The main objective of this course is to enforce students reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. It emphasizes the learning of vocabulary and grammar in context. Students will be introduced to writing techniques; such as, brainstorming and outlining, to improve their academic writing skill. It is a CAEL course that requires computer-lab work once a week. This course encourages critical thinking and allows a student-centered classroom environment.

Grade Computation:

  • Internet-Final Project
  • Quizzes
  • Quize (1): March 10, 2002


  • Midterm Exam: April 11, 2002


  • Final Exam


  • Role is taken everyday.
  • Being late 3 times is considered as one (1) hour of absence.
  • 5 absences (10 hours) = First warning note.
  • 9 absences (18 hours) = Second warning note.
  • 10 absences (20 hours) = Administrative Failure.


Units Covered:

  • To midterm examination Units 1,2,3
  • To final examination Units 5, 7


Information & Contacts:



On-line Dictionaries:









Computer-Lab Classes:


























































































































For more information on the course syllabus and calendar go to:

090 Kuwait University Website (Geocities)

Roget's Thesaurus!


enchantedlearning.com/Dictionary, (recommended by Ms.Ruth Vilmi)

Merriam Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus:




<script language="JavaScript1.2" src="http://LookWAYup.com/free/lWu.js"></script

You can check a word meaning without leaving the page you are using. Just highlight the required word and click "Link" in your PC window.Then Click LookWay listed in the pull down menu.

The unified CALL Project


Welcome to the Cyberspace of 090/14

You can add your picture here linked to your "Portfolio Project Grade".

Computer-Lab Syllabus and Schedule:


"Portfolio Project"

International Writing Exchange,(IWE)


Week 1 : Wednesday, February 6, 2002

  • Signing up for an e-mail account!
  • Handout:(Print-out)

    E-mail terms and key words!

    Tips on how to write an effective e-mail message!

  • "Word Processing" helps us improve some English language skills, such as, spelling and learning new words, in addition to typing skill.
  • learn how to send homework assignments in an attachment form with your e-mail message.

Assignment :

Imagine that you work for an Advertising firm and write an advertisement for an International company.Choose any product you like for your ad.

Use Word to type your assignment. Attach your assginment file to an e-mail message, and send it to Me.

Week 2: Wednesady, Feb.13

(Due to the delay in the registeration process occured last week; Week 1 session is repeated!)

Week 3: Saturday, Feb. 16


Assignment :

Click englishlearning.com.Read the idiom of the week, then use it in a sentence.

Type your sentence using Word, then email it to me in an attachment.

Use a search engine and find information about the Austrelian football player Jacko.

Week 4:Feb.23

"Eid Al Adha" Holidays!(No Class)

Watch vedios of students learning English In

Week 5: March 2

  1. Present and Present Continous.
  2. Past Tense.

Read about the emergence of advertising in America!

International Writing Exchange , (IWE).

  1. Practice academic writing.VLC Home Pgae!
  2. Write a paragraph introducing yourself to a group of students.


Week 6: March 9

A standard academic paragraph outling form.

Make a webpage!

Is your sentence coherent?

Grammar Safari!


Week 7: March 16

Reading & Listening Activities!


The Intrnet

How can you find a good job? Google.com!

How can you be succefull? Ask.com

Read about succesful people!

Week 8 : March 23

How to Stay Healthy?

"Organic Food". How to Choose Foods That Build Health?

Food Pyramid Quiz!

Vocabulary Quiz!


Week 9: April 1


Are you a Male or a Female?

How can you inform the reader about your gender?

What is a sexist language?

How to avoid sexist language when we speak or write?


Read "The Starr Report".

Week 10: April 8

Cars. Are they a blessing or a curse?

Week 11: April 8

Crime and Punishment!

a link

Fall 2001,Portfolios Submission date: Dec.18, (this part will be updated at the end of each new semester.)

The Portfolio is the Final Class Project. It consists of the students' reflection on the Internet-activities and computer skills completed and learned throughout the semester.The main objectives of this project are:

The students will realize the importance and value of the computer and the Internet as effective educational aiding-tools of English language learning.

The students will learn the concept of portfolios.

The students will learn how to prepare and design a portfolio for their future careers.


I would like to thank all my students who have worked very hard during this semseter.I would like, also, to announce here that without their enthusiasm and determination in supporting the critical thinking approach in our classroom, this Remedial English CAEL course 090,would have never been so interesting and successful! Thank you also for participating in the IWE project of Ms.Ruth Vilmi.I hope that all the experiences you gained will be useful in your future careers.I wish you the best of luck!

Best wishes,

Buthaina Al Othman

The following are names of the students with the best Portfolios: (Updated here, after I joined Webheads in Action)

Amna Abdallah Jassem.Excellent Job!

Betoul Mohammed Baquer.Excellent Job!

Anwar Hamoud Al Mutayri. Great Job!

Anfal Mubarak Al Fadly. Good Job!

Huda Rasheed Al Shemiry. Good Job!

Noura Jassem Karam. Good Job!


EBABY!... The coolest site for learning authentic English as it is spoken in the real world.

Find the grammar rule you want to practice here!

The English Professor. Grammar Worksheets!

This site is Great!! It has Definitions for numerous Grammar items.

Vocabulary and Grammar Completion Exercises! Interesting articles from CNN Newsroom.

Dave's ESL Cafe. "The Internet's Meeting Place for ESL/EFL Students from Around the World!"

To find more answers to your grammar questions click Grammar

Click Writing Exercises, and practice Grammar or the "Art of Writing!"

WritingDEN's Tips-O-Matic for better sentence, pargarph, and essay writing.

Grammar Power Point Presentation:(coming soon)