Fall 2003_090 Section 11 (Male students)

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

090 Students' Feedback on Some On-line Activities

  • Kuwaiti Customs Activity: "Diwaniah!"

    Hi ms buthaina:)

    I am khalid in class 090/11
    Activity today is "Dewaniah". It is very useful.

    Name:khalid Hamad


Hello miss , I would like to say my opinion about yesterday practice .

I think it was very intersting beacause it's a topic that we all know about,
specially we men. And i hope we do more of such practice .

Fahad Al-Awadhi


Hi, ms Buthaina. I am Ali Samir.

Name of the online activity is ( Diwaniah). It was very useful and interesting because It discusses all fields and solve problems.I learned from the activity some people go to the Diwaniah for recognize anew things and meet your friend.


  • Real English Online Video Activities: "Different Ways of Greetings!"

    Hi Ms.Buthaina

    You asked me in the Computer lab to talk to you if the activity of real-english exercises are good and useful or boring ... that exercises is of course good and i learned from them, but in computer lab it be boring .. because computers on lab are bad and Internet on it slow ... that is my opinion .

    Thank you ...
    Abdulrahman Al-Hajji


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