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kuwaiti Customs

What's a Diwaniah?

Post your Answers to Your

  • Activity 1:
    1. Go to item # 3 to read Diwaniah, the gathering place *
    2. Then answer the following questios:
      • What is a Dewania?
      • How many types of Diwania are available in Kuwait?
    3. Go to item # 4 to read When invited to a Dewaniah *
      • List some general rules a guest needs to know when invited to a Diwania?
      • Can women in Kuwait go to a Dewania?
      • Do you agree or disagree with the idea of having Diwanias for women, in Kuwait? Why do agree? Why do you disagree?
      • Do you have similar places to Diwaniahs in your own country? (For International Students)

  • Activity 2:
    1. Go to item # 9 to read Men's Clothes. *
    2. Write a paragraph to describe Kuwaiti men's traditional clothing, and then post your paragraph to your Blog.

* Source: Arabian Business and Cultural Guide, by Mohammed Al-Sabt

    Note: This was my first Internet lesson, designed and created at a mulitmedia class, by Proffessor Helene Ulitsky, during my MS program at SUNY, Albany, in 1999.

    Attribute: I am greatly appreciative for my advisor in the Education department at SUNY, Albany, Dr. Carla Messkill, for advising and encouraging me to take the multimedia course.

    I would also like to express gratitude to Webhead colleagues for the knowledge and experiences I learned from them and with them, which helped me improve and develop this and other CALL lessons, created earlier during the mutlimedia course.

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