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Fall 2003_090
(last updated Dec 21, 2003)

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

Final Project - Phase (1), Monday, Oct. 6th,2003

Meet my students and check out their cool blogs!

Weblogs were created by my English 090 students, during our second computer lab session, on Monday, October 6th,2003

This is phase (1) of the Final Project that requires Students to create weblogs, and then use it to post their writing assignments, throughout the course. I will post back my comments to all blogs after each writing assignment. By the end of the semester, a group of students who are interested in building a website collaboratively, will design a Class Online Magazine, adding links to the most active and organized blogs. Actually, Abdulrahman Al-Hajrri, is interested and has already built a Tripod website. Other intersted students could contact him to sign up and start discussing organization of the online magazine.

Hi Ms. Buthaina :) how r u ? ?
Iam Salem in Class 090 :)
Thanks for giving me ur email
& If i want anyhelp i will send email for you OK Thanks Again ,,,

$a|_e]V[ Al-Hajri ":)

Hi ms buthaina al3thman

How are you sweetie teacher?
How you doing ?
first I prefer to telling you about my self

I'm fahad al-hatem I thinks you remember me , ((((don’t forget you self))))):>

my birthday in 25/10/1985 .

my favorites hope is dive in arabin gulf near island kubbar or om almradem with our team happy diver ;) Last Friday I went to kubbar with my family by to sport boat, we have ((donat)) I don't think if you have any idea about donat it is not donat for eat it like a tire drive for a car we use it by pulled it from boat wonderful so nice

And we have a camera under the water work take a photo, video so nice the beach were clear many people there are most from deferent country not Kuwaitis but maybe just a 30%

i have another one but it specialty drive a 4× 4 car at desert

Really I'm so happy because you teach me .

That enough today

See you soon thanks …

Bye Up to Top

Good Job, Abdallah. I'm glad you managed to fix the problem by yourself.

Buthaina (Ms)


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Ali, Your blog is published now.Your problem was with your email address.you added a period after "com.". Buthaina (Ms)

Good job, Khaled! Your blog is published now.

I'm happy that you managed to fix the problem by yourself.

Buthaina (Ms)

Kareem's blog! (coming soon)

(From left to right) Ali, Mohammed, and Abdulwahab, at Khaldiya campus, following our c-lab sesion on Monady, Dec 8, 2003.

Abdulwahab said, he wants to speak English fluently. If you have some tips for Abdul-Wahab, please post them to his blog). Buthaina (Ms)

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Good job, Mahmoud,your blog is published, now! Thanks for fixing the problem by yourself.

(Ms. Buthaina)


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