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David Winet got started teaching English when he was 15 in Switzerland and a neighbor hired him to teach her elementary school kid. That was a complete disaster! However, since then he has learned a few tricks and has taught ESL in France and California for many years. He got interested in email back in the early 90s and realized it might be a good way to teach English, so starting with a former student from Paderborn Germany he began teaching "English by Email" in 1993, perhaps the first internet-based ESL class ever
taught. When graphical browsers came into being, Dave created StudyCom English for Internet, a free online school and research project where real teachers could connect with real students to study and use English.


Buthaina Al-Othman is a full time instructor of EFL/ESP in the English Language Unit of Science, at Kuwait University, in Kuwait. She holds an MS in Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages, (TESOL) from the University at Albany, NY, US. She is on the Executive Board Representatives of TESOL's ESP IS since 2004, and this year she's in the Steering Committee of TESOL's CALL IS and a member of the Electronic Village Online Coordination Team. She has been a member of the community online, Webheads in Action, since it started as a TESOL sponsored session, in January 2002.

  Deena Lynn Furgerson began teaching EFL about fifteen years ago in Italy. She has been teaching in high schools and at a local university since then. She got interested in computers as a teaching aide while writing her thesis. She contacted StudyCom English for Internet in 2002 and has been teaching English there since. She also tutors high school (English) teachers, organizes English courses for adults and does translation work.
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