Week 1

January, 17 - 23

  • Self-introductions:
    1. Participants explain what their background is.
    2. Who their students are and what field(s) they are in.
    3. How they use ESP, or how they would like to use it.
    4. Why use English for Specific Purposes?
  • Objectives for this week: Self-introductions
  • Discussion of the ESP approach, different types of ESP (academic and workplace,) and general logistics and advantages/disadvantages of using ESP. (Click to go to the discussion).
  • Activity:

    Look over the bibliography and links.

  • Optional Activity:
  1. Upload your image, (a small one) to the PHOTOS section. You can do that by clicking on PHOTOS, listed on the left menu bar of our Yahoo! Group website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EVOesl2esp/
  2. Create your own Weblog in three easy steps, at blogger.com! (This is a hands-on activity that we will do together synchronously, i.e, in real life time, at Yahoo Messenger. ( Download Yahoo Messenger - Buthaina's YM ID: buthaina_3
  3. for more information on Weblogs, please go to Links section on our ESL2ESP YGroup website.

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