Week 4

Creating ESP Curriculum/ Activities

Feb. 7 - 13


  • Creating an ESP curriculum:
    1. How can you develop materials that will meet your students' specific needs?
    2. How can you adapt existing ESL materials to meet ESP needs?
    3. How can you work with colleagues in the specific field to develop a curriculum?
    4. How time and cost effective is it to develop specialized materials?

  • Objective for this week: Creating ESP curriculum/ activities
  • This week we are pleased to have the two guest moderators:
  • Participants:
    1. Have you developed your own ESP curriculum or created particular course activities to meet your students' ESP needs?
    2. Have you collaborated with academic or workplace colleagues on developing an ESP curriculum?
    3. How have you adapted materials to meet students' particular needs? What problems have you had to overcome?


  • Optional activity:
    1. Post an assignment you've adapted for your particular target population, or create one that you might use.
    2. What changes have you made and why?
    3. What specific outcomes are you trying to achieve?
    4. If you haven't done this yet, write and post an exercise or assignment that would help students achieve the outcomes you posted last week.
    5. If possible, get feedback from a colleague or student on how useful this assignment or activity is, or try it and get feedback.

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