Week 5

Problem-solving in workplace and academic ESP

Feb. 14 - 20

  • Topic: Identifying problems and finding solutions:
    1. What obstacles arise in workplace and academic ESP?
    2. What practical considerations are there for academics and consultants?
    3. How have people solved practical problems?
  • Objectives for this week:

    Problem-solving in workplace and academic ESP

  • Guest lecturer: Thomas Orr

    Comments to the topic of this week, by Thomas Orr:

    Problems of all kinds surface in ESP, as they do in any other educational endeavor. These may involve funding issues, staffing
    issues, procedural issues, or a wide variety of other issues, but their solutions depend on the the ability of students, teachers,
    and administrators to see problems, understand causes, and work out effective solutions.

  • Participants:
    1. What obstacles have you encountered in setting up an ESP curriculum in an academic or workplace setting?
    2. What practical considerations do you have to take into account?
    3. How have you solved problems?
    4. What constraints can't be overcome?
  • Optional activities:
    1. Identify one practical problem in setting up or using ESP in your academic or workplace setting.
    2. What solutions can you come up with?
    3. Which problems can't be solved, and what constraints do they cause?
    4. How can you work around them?
    5. Ask colleagues or students for their suggestions in overcoming or working around that problem.

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