ELU/Science Spring 2003

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

EfS Course # 161

Web-based Final Project

An Online Portfolio Published on a Website or Weblog

  • Directions: (You can choose to work individually, in pairs, or in groups)
Your On-line Portfolio should include the following:
      1. A self-introduction paragraph.(You can call this section, "About Me").
      2. Four on-line activities you have completed and liked mostly from the 8-Week CALL program.
      3. You can also publish any of the writing assignments that are corrected.(Optional).
      4. An evaluation essay on the advantages and disadvantages of the final project
      5. Your favorite links, music, and movies.
      6. If you have other ideas, you can discuss them with me.
Choose to publish your portfolio on-line, using one of the following two methods:

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Copyright 2003. Al Othman,Buthaina