Spring 2002_161 & 162

Instructor: Buthaina Al-Othman


Final Project Guidelines

  1.  A portfolio is a hard copy folder used for keeping your completed work of a project.
  2. An online portfolio, on the other hand, is when you publish your work/files on the Internet, instead of keeping it in the folder.
  3. You can choose to publish your portfolio on a weblog, or website.
  4. Your portfolio must include these three sections:
    • A short self- introduction paragraph, including personal information, such as, name, age, college grade, major,favorite food and places,and hobbies.(You can call this secion, "About Me").
    • Answers to the weekly on-line activities.
    • An evaluation essay, to reflect and talk about the advanatages or disadvantages of the CALL final project.

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