Spring 2003 - Last updated: Summer 2004

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

The Music Center

Learn English While Having Fun!

Sixties, (1960s) British Pop Culture

  • Activity 1: IMAGINE! , by John Lennon.
  • Who are the Beatles?

    What changes have they brought to the world?

    Read the song Listen to the song Do the quiz

    Listen to the song, IMAGINE! , again.by John Lennon.

    Read the lyric, again and then come back here to answer these questions:

    1. Do you agree with the main ideas of the song? Why? Why not?
    2. Write a short paragraph expressing your opinion on the song. Use your blog to post and publish your paragraph.

Listen to more songs , by John Lennon.

Quiz source: http://english.baladre.org/sedaviwebfront/imagine.htm

Photo source: http://home.clara.net/digger/sixties/

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