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Easy to Create and Publish!

  • What's a blog?

    "Blog" is short for "Weblog," which is a type of website, often an online journal or diary. Many people choose to keep blogs instead of maintaining traditional websites because blogs are much easier to update. Blogs are text based and no HTML is required to set them up or to edit them -- just fill out a form!

  • How is a blog different from building a web site?

    Weblogs are different than Web-pages in their layout.However, they can be published and updated as a web-page.Blogs can be used individually or collaboratively by teachers and students.They can be used in many ways, and for different educational purposes.

  • How can students use a blog?

    Students can use them individually or collaboratively, as on-line journals, diaries, or to publish their writing assignments, after they are corrected by their teachers.

  • Note to students:

    You can be creative and think of other ways to use a Blog. I suggested to one student who is interested in Music and Songs, to start her, Lyrics' blog. Students can listen to a song and write the words on a blog, then, they can list new vocabulary words with their definitions, synonyms, or antynoms.

Student-Blog (individual/group)

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  • Choose one of the following free Web blog Providers:
    • Blogger.com. (I recommend this one. It's easy and simple, but you still need to read and follow instructions).
    • Tripod.com Blog. (I recommend this, too. You can add a feature to allow people to send you their comments).
    • Diary land (It is fun to write your eDiary).
    • Xang.com (Be Creative and use it anyway you want!)
  • Photoblog creators:
    • buzznet.com (Step by step directions to start your own buzznet photoblog are HERE! )

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