Week 1

Date & time: Aug.15 - 19, 2004 7:00 - 8:30 GMT , (Sunday & Thursday)

  1. Introduction to the Writing Process and the Final Project: "Writing & Presenting a Short Researched Paper"
  2. Join EFI_Online Writing Yahoo! Group.
  3. POST a short message to introduce yourself.
  4. Upload your photo to Photos area. (Optional)
  5. Create your Folder where you will upload and save your writing assignments.
  6. Choose a topic for your final term paper and presentation. ( Go to graphic organizer *(1) for a handout that should help you get started).
  7. Create your blog! Go to Blogger.com to create and publish your blog in 3 steps. (This is a hands-on activity, which we'll do together).
  8. Post the URL of your blog via an email message to our EFI Yahoo! Group .
  9. Post and publish a short paragraph on your blog to tell us about the purpose of your blog and briefly describe your topic for the final project.
  10. Writing your thesis *(2) statement. (What is a thesis statement? how to write one?)
  11. Remember that you are going to use your blog as your electronic Workbook to save and publish information and material you want to use later to write and present your final paper.

* Source:

  1. The WriteSite
  2. http://www.indiana.edu/%7Ewts/wts/resources.html
  3. http://www.geocities.com/vance_stevens/index.html

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