Spring 2003_090

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

A Webhead in Action, in Denmark, Chats with My English 090 Students

"Using CMC Tools inside an EFL C-Lab"

A Text-Chat Project Using Groupboard

Kuwait University - Khaldiyah Campus - Building # 11- Computer-Lab # 1

Monday, February 24th, 2003, at 10:00 Am - !2:00 Kuwait Time - (7 GMT - 9 GMT)

Susanne Nyrop , in Denmark chats with my English 090 students, Lulwa, Aisha S., Hiba, and Aisha from Kuwait.

    Figure1: Susanne's Greeting Message on the Drwaing board:"Hi friends!...How are u?"
    Figure 2: Students managed to find all the buttons to draw and chat with little instructions
    Figure 3: Students' darwaings while chatting with Susanne

The following is the chatlog: (Back to top)

aisha2> where is aisha

<aisha2> i like to paint

<lolo> Sus tell me about ur self

<aisha2> wellcome aisha

<Sus> Well, to tell about myself, that is a very long story

<hiba> sus how old r u ?

<Sus> I was born in 1950

<Sus> My parents had one boy, and I was next in line

<Sus> after me we have three children

<Sus> so all in all we are five, I have two sisters and brothers

<lolo> Aha

<Sus> I was born close to where I live today, about fifteen kilometers away

<Anon_8> hellooooooooo im back

<Sus> that is outside the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen

<Anon_8> something was wrong

<Anon_8> with my computer :)

<Sus> Hello, can you please change your name anon 8

<lolo> Anon is aisha

<Anon_8> cool :)

<aisha2> no

<Anon_8> i can't Sus??I was trying put it doesn't let me???this is Aisha :)

<Sus> well, I started in a kindergarten at the age of 2 with my older brother

<lolo> she cant change her name

<Anon_8> put=but :) looool nice bdleya :)

<Sus> I loved to go to kindergarten, it was a small place with about 30 children in a big house and a garden (Back to top)

<Sus> do you listen to my long life story ?

<Sus> Aisha, I don't know ahy your name cannot be changed, never mind about that

<aisha2> yes iam with you

<hiba> it's a nice story

<lolo> Woow

<Anon_8> im reading it Sus :)

<Sus> at teh age of six, I started school, that was terrible. The school yard was scary for me

<lolo> why?

<Sus> the school had more than one thousand children from grade one to ten.

<Sus> they all looked so unfamilar

<lolo> Aha

<Anon_8> wooooooow thats a lot of children were u guys sitting on top of each other then?:P lol

<Sus> the only one iI knew was my older brother and he did not like to show in school that he even knew me

<Anon_8> emmmm thats really sad

<Sus> no, dear, we went to classrooms with 30 students in each, boys and girls

<lolo> he is like my sister

<Anon_8> aha

<Sus> but boys were always sittting with boys at the desks for two kids each, and girls with girls

<Sus> in school we did not play so much with the bolys, but at home, yes we did

<aisha2> aha(

<lolo> in Kuwait there is school 4 boys and anthere 4 girls

<Sus> then there was dancing lessons, that was not at school, and personally I hated it

<Sus> you have separate schools for boys and for girls now?

<lolo> dance like palee??

<lolo> yes

<Anon_8> ofcourse we

<Anon_8> have separate

<Anon_8> even in unvi.!!

<Sus> I think it must be a little complicated

<Anon_8> its not actually

<Sus> well, maybe not

<lolo> but english schools is not

<Sus> if you're used to it, why not?

<Anon_8> its way comfortable

<Sus> comfortable, how so, Aisha?

<aisha2> yes is more comfortable with not boys

<Anon_8> well i mean boys here are not like the boys over there

<Sus> are the boys noisy?

<lolo> lool

<Anon_8> over there they don't really care ,veery noisy hee

<hiba> some times

<lolo> not all the boys?

<Sus> I think that boys are just boys, it is a question of how we raise our children to be! (Back to top)

<Anon_8> here=hee

<aisha2> yes is very nois

<Anon_8> ofcourse lolo not all of them some are nice

<Anon_8> and u can count them in the fingers :)

<Sus> what do you mean, over there? Aisha, I tell you that Denmark in many ways is very different from the United states

<lolo> :00

<Anon_8> over there i mean like USA,and other countries

<Sus> well, would you think that all Arab countries are alike?

<hiba> no

<lolo> no of course

<aisha2> no not all counteris

<Anon_8> yeah its deferent,but it would be more similar

<Anon_8> to it than kuwait Its completly different if u knw

<Anon_8> what i mean?

<Sus> neither do I - but some people here tend to have a very narrow idea of everything "muslim"

<Sus> different from Turkey, or different from Hawaii?

<Sus> lol

<aisha2> yes

<Anon_8> people think muslim are bad ?but their wrong

<aisha2> why some people think that

<Sus> In Denmark we do have many immigrants from Turkey and refugees from Iran or African states like Somalia. They're mostly all muslims, but very different

<Sus> well, why would you think that Europe and USA are just "over there?"

<lolo> they think that we r toirirest

<Anon_8> ofcourse depend on the culture of the country that he or she from

<lolo> or killer

<Sus> exactly, and I konw that this is absolutely false

<Anon_8> yeaaah lolo and its a bad thing

<aisha2> in Denmark you have muslims

<Sus> yes, we do, as a minority

<Anon_8> aha

<Sus> but traditionally our country is Lutheran-christian

<Sus> and, as we are not used to live side by side with muslims, we tend to have a great deal of people who are afraid of everything muslim, regardless what it is.

<Sus> Our country, you see, has foe many hundred years been influeneced by German culture.

<Anon_8> i think if u know them

<Sus> Only about 200 years ago, there was a movement towards a national state

<Anon_8> more u would learn and

<Anon_8> like them they are nice

<Anon_8> people

<Sus> of course!

<Sus> most people are nicer when you know them in person

<Anon_8> I agree with u 100 percent :) ofcourse

<Sus> the big problem is the strides for power of economy and military isses (Back to top)

<aisha2> yes

<hiba> aha

<Sus> we, as civil citizens do not have much to say, not even in a democratic country

<Sus> I believe that Kuwait has a lot of money from the petrol industry?

<lolo> nooooooooooooooooooooooo

<lolo> we dont

<Anon_8> LooooooooooooooooooooL

<Anon_8> and see every body want it!!!!!

<hiba> :))

<Sus> not really? are you joking?

<Anon_8> all the eyes is over the oil

<Sus> yes, this world is so dependent on petrol economy

<Anon_8> Ms Buthaina say Hi to you :)

<lolo> kuwiaty people like the good look

<Sus> tell Ms Buth that I love to speak with you

<aisha2> ok

<Sus> lolo, what good look do you mean?

<lolo> they buy new cars like jagwar

<Sus> oh yes, some people spend money like it were just grass

<Anon_8> do u mean u want Buthaina to login ?? u wana talk to her?

<lolo> 4 best look

<Anon_8> or u mean me?loool i kind of misunderstood u Sus

<Sus> I can speak to Buth in Yahoo

<aisha2> some people do not know whatdo for many

<Sus> yes, I just mean, I love to speak with you students

<Anon_8> ooooh me too

<lolo> but they dont pay it in cash

<Anon_8> we love talkin tou

<Anon_8> \

<Sus> I think we have found a good topic related to culture

<Sus> in Denmark, we have a word saying; Only few people have too much money - and mor have too little

<Sus> less have too little

<Anon_8> thats right

<Sus> this means, when we are all responsible for taking care of each other, there will be no poverty (Back to top)

<Sus> so, we do not have people who are immensely rich, or only very few

<Sus> neither do we have people who are hungry and really poor

<Sus> do you follow what I mean?

<aisha2> yes

<lolo> yes

<Sus> we do have a large public sector, paid by income taxes

<Anon_8> u mean people are all kind of the same?u mean right

<Sus> Iyes

<Anon_8> here is like rich poor and most are in the middle

<Anon_8> :)

<Anon_8> im folowing u :)

<Sus> Yes, you do have a large middle class with a fairly good incone level

<Sus> tell me more, I'll look away for two minutes, ok?

<lolo> ok

<Anon_8> oh yeaaah we have

<Anon_8> u mean u have to go?

<Anon_8> or what?

<Sus> I'm back

<aisha2> wellcome sus

<Sus> I just had to go somewhere all alone

<hiba> wellcome back

<Sus> for how long do we have our discussion?

<lolo> i dont knom

<aisha2> when you be taier

<lolo> do u want 2 go

<Sus> I'm not tired yet

<lolo> ??

<Anon_8> welcomeback

<Sus> I just wanted to know if you have another class soon, or what

<Anon_8> until u be tiried of us :)then we will leave u alone :P

<lolo> there a graet web site

<lolo> www.egreetings.com

<Sus> I think that we have already had a very interesting discussion and we can go on if you like (Back to top)

<Sus> oh yes, egreetings have nice virtual postcards

<Sus> tell me, do any of you use the internet outside the classes?

<aisha2> no

<Anon_8> me

<Anon_8> :)

<Anon_8> sometime

<Sus> anon_8, that is Aisha, I believe

<lolo> yes me

<Sus> for what do you use computer at home, Aisha?

<aisha2> yes is aisha numer 1

<aisha2> and iam aisha numer 2

<lolo> Sus do u have a graet websites

<Sus> do we have two Aishas here? I'm a littel confused

<Sus> oh I was not aware

<aisha2> yes

<Anon_8> yep its me

<Sus> then Aisha1, tell me how you use the internet

<Anon_8> oh yeah aisha 1 and 2 and 3 is just watching us :) we have like 4 aisha i think or maybe more that i don't know about lool :P

<Anon_8> me?

<Sus> yes, you :-))

<Anon_8> i use it for chattin sometime and sending letters to my friend in canada and usa and united kingdom

<Anon_8> and talkin to my brother over there :)

<Sus> where do you go for chat, then

<Anon_8> and cousins

<Anon_8> msn :) yahoo

<Sus> oh, your older brother, is he a US student?

<Anon_8> he is studing in canada with my cousins :)over there

<aisha2> aha

<Sus> where in canada, it is a huge country

<aisha2> is good to do

<Anon_8> in Nova Scotia in the east coast side

<aisha2> where live in canada?

<Anon_8> near Newfoundland and Quebec

<Sus> I've been to Vancouver at the Western Pacific, and in Toronto which is in the south east

<Sus> that is north east

<Anon_8> ohhhhhh yeah i didn't go there but i heard ofit :) actually

<Anon_8> its very nice over there sunny :)

<aisha2> mybe in futher i travel canada

<Sus> Quebec used to be a French colony so they do speak both French and English

<Anon_8> aisha2 :) inshallah why not???and take me with u :P

<Sus> Canada has a beautiful nature, you will love it

<aisha2> inshallah

<Anon_8> but mostly in french Sus ,

<aisha2> do you come with me sus

<Anon_8> it look like a flag?!!!

<Anon_8> right?

<hiba> and me :((

<Sus> yes

<Anon_8> loool i will take u hiba put u in my hand bag if u can fit :P

<Anon_8> heheh

<Sus> how does your flag look like?

<hiba> :(((

<lolo> lllllllllllooooooooooooool

<Anon_8> don't be sad :) we all will go :) in a class trip for 1 week :)allaaaaaaaah i hope :P (Back to top)

<Sus> I can travel in my mind, then

<aisha2> all the girl in chatting

<hiba> thanks

<lolo> kuwaiti flag??

<Sus> where do you go for a class trip, usually?

<Sus> yes, try to draw the Kuwaiti flag

<aisha2> yes is good kuwaiti flag

<Anon_8> :) we have to go now Sus and nice talkin to u again,,, \cYa later :)

<Sus> Thank you for coming!

<Sus> This was great

<Sus> I have saved the chat I hope

<Sus> say hi to the rest of your class from Denmark

<Anon_8> thank you for ur time :)

<Anon_8> and sorry if we bother u in some way or something

<Anon_8> i will thankx aloooooooooT :)

<hiba> nice too meet u sus and i have a nice time with u

<Sus> nice to meet you too

<lolo> me 22

<Anon_8> loooool coooool i will let her see that :P :)

<Sus> can I use this chatlog for my research?

<aisha2> ok i want to go see you later bye all specily sus bye

<Sus> I need your psemission, just say yes

<Anon_8> ummmm well okay but for what whatkind of research??

<Sus> I'm studying how we can use chats etc for education and making fiends :-)

<lolo> emmmmmmmmm

<hiba> bye

<Sus> if you like to know more, I can send you a mail for the class

<Sus> goodbye for now, all of you

<Anon_8> aha okay yes i would be pleased :)

<lolo> Sus u can mail me in

<lolo> marouko19@yahoo.com

<Anon_8> okay bye bye :) then

<Anon_8> me tooo Sus

<Anon_8> heavengirl_2000_ca@yahoo.com

<Sus> Very fine, then

<Anon_8> aDD ME LOLO :P

<Sus> I'll add you to my mail address book

<Sus> mine is s.nyrop@getq2net.dk

<Sus> we have to leave now

<Sus> bye bye

<lolo> me 2 bye

<Anon_8> Sus

Sus left a goodbye message, saying:" This was a very great discussion". (Back to top)

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