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  • Buthaina AlOthman

Kh 3, 2nd floor, Room # 12

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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: 10:00-11:00 am




Course Description:


This is an English for Specific Purpose course, (ESP), for Science students.The main Objectives of this course are learning new scientific terms, taking notes efficiently, outlining, and writing scientific reports in forms of a paragraph and essay.It also enforces the three major reading skills of skimming, scanning, and reading between the lines. The course integrates the four basic English language skills, reading, writing, listening, and speaking.



Grade Computation:



  • 3hours= first warning
  • 6 hours= second warning
  • 9 hours= failure

"If you're absent due to medical reasons, please bring the original copy of the medical report from your doctor".

Chapters Covered:
  • To midterm examination 1,2,5,9
  • To final examination 8,10,11,&3

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