Ninth EFL Skills Conference

at the Center for Adult & Continuing Education,(CACE), The American University in Cairo, (AUC)

Wednesday - Friday, January 21-23, 2004


Vance Steven's Plenary Speech at Ewart Hall

THE SKILL OF COMMUNICATION: Technology brought to bear on the art of language learning

Wednesday, Jan 21, 2004 at 14:00 - 14:45 GMT

Vance Stevens, Keynote Speaker, greets the audience, and then begins his plenary address, using two laptops at the same time, where he read his pdf files from one, and showed his ppt slides from the other!

Some pictures, taken during the welcome & opening Ceremony

From the right hand side of the picture, in the front row, Liz England, Jim McCloud, and then Randa Effat, a Webhead in Action, the fifth from the right hand side of the picture,they're all smiling to Vance and the camera! President of the American University in Cairo, David Arnold, addressing the audience. Dean of the Center for Adult and continuing Education, AUC, Harry Miller, thanking participants, during his welcome speech, announcing the opening of the event.
Vance, showing a slide on a critical issue related to teaching approaches, where he mentioned an earlier statement by Irish thinker and poet, Yeats, which says: "Education is not the filling of a pail, it is the lighting of a fire". This statement is based on Socratic teaching approach, which supports a student-centered classroom. Communities of Practice, (CoPs), explained by Vance, using a chart created, earlier, by Webhead in Action, Christopher Johnson. Then, talked about Communities of Practice
For language learning professionals, indicating Webheads in Action, Learning Times, and Tapped in
Vance, showing a slide on an example of how the Webheads CoP has reached students; an online Voice project, using music and conversation, by Aiden Yeh's and Michael Coghlan's.

A slide by Vance, on another example of how Webheads CoP has reached students, a Student-WebCast project by Buthaina Al Othman.

Vance, showing Daf's article on Chat, which included a Text-Chat Classification . This slide was shown, during his elaboration on Benefits of Chats to Students.

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Photos taken by Buthaina Al Othman -

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