A Professional Chat, between Vance Stevens, Webheads Founder & Coordinator, and Buthaina AL Othman, an EFL instructor and a Webhead in Action!

The Chatlog: (Edited and published with permission)

(Note: Font has been modified for clarity and to emphasize particular statements)

vance_stevens: well how did it go?
Buth: it was good
Buth: i'm glad some teachers followed with us, i mean from my Unit
vance_stevens: yes, that's good, maybe if I were an English teacher I'd get more of a following
vance_stevens: I'm one of these nose in the air computer people now
vance_stevens: what would I know about communication over the Internet?

Buth: what does it mean? sorry could you explain?
vance_stevens: I mean, tech people often don't relate to users, and I just arrived here so the English teachers probably don't see me as a fellow user
Buth: oh, I see
vance_stevens: even at MLI, six years I was there, some people thought I was a computer person and didn't realize I'd taught ESL for 20 years
Buth: oh, I can see what you mean..yes right Vance

Buth: but the good thing about this project
vance_stevens: yeah?
Buth: is that it had a good number of teachers at least talk about it and ask me questions
vance_stevens: it was a GREAT project, proud of you
Buth: Thanks, your student Vance
vance_stevens: you keep doing these things and eventually they catch on

I tried to find your url and couldn't even find it because the sites were timing out
vance_stevens: it's working ok now
Buth: and , yesterday when i went home to upload todya's ppt-presentations of my Ss, i found my pc, crashed !
Buth: i took it to a shop and was working on my laptop until 4 am today
Buth: in the middle of the presentation of the second group Geo disappeared and the Ss' powerpoint slides!
Buth: We got a message that said, this site will be restored after one hour!
vance_stevens: oh the joys of using the Internet!
Buth: this was the weirdiest thing ever happened to me on the Internet
Buth: you said it: The joys, but still we love it

Buth: gtg home , and get ready fro next tasks or missions
Buth: I liked Teresa's message, it's very supportive and warm, i'll show it to my Ss tomorrow.

vance_stevens: you have done exceedingly well
Buth: thanks..
vance_stevens: it's very nice to see people in our group succeed with the support of other group members
Buth: i wonder if i could have access to the Internet from home..if i don't show up at TI , it means i am not able.
vance_stevens: you are a great example of the power of constructivist learning, scaffolding, learning in a social context
vance_stevens: yes, no problem, you've done enough for today
Buth: oh, thanks for those nice supportive words, they really mean a lot to me.
Buth: Tomorrow , we continue presentaions in class, f-to-f

vance_stevens: it means a lot to me that someone would get on a plane, spend a night in a hotel, and drive 4 hours just to be with us at an online session
vance_stevens: impressive
Buth: thanks Vance, it worth it
vance_stevens: glad to hear that, the pleasure is mutual
Buth: What I learned from & with you and Michael on that day I did with my Ss.
Buth: sure it is.
Buth: okay, gtg , take care and see you later
vance_stevens: oh, I see, ... the connection -
vance_stevens: what you have just said corroborates points I'm making in talks

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©2003 Buthaina Al Othman