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How to Build a Website Using Geocities?
  • You should have a yahoo ID in order to be able to build your free Geocities home page at Yahoo! If you haven't created an email account at Yahoo! yet, please click here to sign up for a Yahoo! mail.
  • You could print out this page to follow the directions or steps.


1. Go to http://geocities.yahoo.com/ , click on the sign up box at the GeoCities Free web hosting page.Tthen, sign in, using your Yahoo! ID and password.

Screen shot (1): Sign up here! Screen Shot (2): Sign in here!

2. At the Build My Website page choose or click on one of the two listed methods: Yahoo! PageWizards (easy) or Yahoo! PgaeBuilder, (I recommend you click on the first one, Yahoo! PageWizards).

Screen shot (3): Choose PageWizards /or Page Builder

3. Clicking on any of the two methods will take you to a page where you can choose a template or a layout for your website. This will be your index or portal page, where you can add links to all the the other pages you want to publish and share with the world. When you save your template or portal page name it: (index).

Screen Shot (4): Choose a Template

4. Then, continue reading and following the instructions from there,carefully.

5. Your self-introduction paragraph should be ready. Type it on the box where it says (About Me), and then continue by clicking on "Next", shown on the right side at the bottom of the box.

6. You could add your E-mail, YM, and Guestbook, then click save. (It is not a good idea to publish your email address or your YM ID on your new site, though- ask me about this in class).

7. To add your picture click on "File" tab loctaed on the left side at the top of the page; then you should see a drop down list. Now you need to click on add to upload an image file.(Use a Glossary to understand new webmaster terms).

8. Remember that when you save the page make sure you name it (index).

Hope this is helpful!

Note: For more information on website building, please go to Making WebPages!

See examples of websites built by my students at Kuwait University

Created: Spring 2003 - last updated: Feb 2005
2003 Buthaina Al Othman