Spring 2002_090 (Last updated:July 2005)

Instructor: Buthaina Al-Othman

Week 4

NS - Unit 3: A Miracle Cure?

How to stay Healthy?
During this week we will learn:
  1. How to talk online in English about a meal we had, like Breakfast!
  2. How to use the Internet to search for images.
  3. How to create a PowerPoint file to use for a presentation.
  4. Learn new vocabulary words related to food and nutrition.
  5. Practice Unit 3 grammatical rule: Perfect Tenses


Activity 1: (Questions for a short discussion)

Activity 2: (New vocabulary words)

Activity 3: (a hands-on activity)
  • Please follow these steps:
    1. Scroll down to the Current Discussion topics.
    2. Click on Test Recordings to record and play a test message. you can test recording an audio or video
    3. Then, go to the main discussion topic, Today's Breakfast to record your message.
    4. Write and Talk about what you had today for breakfast. Was it nourishing enough? What would you add to it next time to make it healthier or more nourishing?
    5. When you finish, send an email message to our Class Yahoo! Group, to let us know.
    Hoping to hear your voices soon!

Activity 4: (PowerPoint presentation)
  1. Search the Internet, using altavista.com or google.com to find images of some organic, healthy food and other unhealthy or "junk" food.
  2. Save the images on your floppy disk.
  3. Create six (6) PowerPoint slides to prepare a presentation on "Ways to Stay Healthy".
  4. Display your topic sentence on the first slide. Then, show each supporting point sentence with its supporting detail sentence on a slide. This means you need to create five power point (ppt) slides, and one more slide at the beginning with the title of your presentation, your name, course and section numbers, and name of this semester, which is Fall 2004.
  5. To view some examples of presentations by my previous students, click Students' PowerPoint Presentations.
  6. Click vocabulary words on food and nutrition facts, or check out the *American Food Pyramid.

Follow up: (Homework)
  1. Go to http://eat.epicurious.com/ to find any dish you would like to have for lunch or dinner.
  2. Take notes of the ingredients and procedure.
  3. Outline the procedure, and then write an 8-sentence paragraph describing the process.
  4. Post your paragraph to your blog.
Quizzes for Fun:

* Source: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/

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