Kuwait University

ELU/Science 162s59 Spring 2004

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

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Blogs & SMS Text-Messages
Amna S. & Dalal

(Left to right) Amna S. & Dalal

Amna lives in a residential area that has no Internet connection, yet. Therefore, she and I agreed to communicate outside our class(room), using SMS text-messages, in English, via our cell-phones.

Dalal, who is with Amna S. in Group 1, seemed inteersted in the idea and has exchanged a few SMS text messages with me, the class teacher, during this Spring 2004. She has also contacted me using MSN Messenger, on the Internet.

Buthaina Al Othman

Great job, Amna and Dalal; keep it up!

Amna A.


(Left to right), Amna A., Munira, and Badria, (Group 3).

Sent : Tuesday, March 30, 2004 5:17 PM
To : buthaina_3@--

hi miss
we really miss you

amna ahmad

(At that time, I was in Long Beach, CA, USA, participating in TESOL2004, at the Webhaeds' PCI, on March 30 and then presenting my project at the Internet Fair on March 31).

Amna has built a blog, but she forgot and used capital letters! Amna promised to rename her blog asap, (as soon as possible).

Thanks Amna for your effort.

Buthaina Al Othman

No Blog!
Mariam has done a great job for her in-class presentation. She and her classmates in Group 2, presented a very good comparision between laws in Kuwait and USA on the problem of Drugs! Check out Group 2 presentation, here!


Note: Muneera, thanks for sending me the URL of your new blog via an SMS text message.

I appreciate the way you are utilizing new technology; such as, your cell-phone or moblie, to improve your writing skill in English!

Great Job. Keep it up, Muneera, : -)

Buthaina (Ms)

Good Job:

Muneera, although we are happy that you have passed the placement test; but we are going to miss you a lot!


Buthaina Al Othman


Note: I have removed Hala's image becuase she sent me the message, below, asking me to remove it.

<hello miss buthaina ..
sorry for disturbing .. but sorry miss idont like my picture in your web :) so miss if you dont mind could you remove it plaese coz really idont like it :} (atshara6 ba3ad )....
hala >


-Congrats! Hala!, you have created your blog by yourself ! This means you have used your crtitical thinking skill and can be described as an independent learner, :-)

Buthaina (Ms) (March 2, 2004)

-Hala, have you read my commnets on your blog?

Buthaina(Ms), (March 4)

Good Job:

Hala recommends some websites; check them out at these URLs:



Created on March 2, 2004

Last updated: May 26, 2004

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