Spring 2003_090

Buthaina Al-Othman

Week 7

NS- Unit 9: Crime and Punishment!

  • Activity 1: (Listening)
    1. Listen to Amy's story by clicking on "Death Qualified", produced by Alison Freeland and published on Transom.org.
    2. List the new words you hear that are included in Unit 9 of NS.
    3. Write a short essay, stating the pros or cons of Executing women or teenagers.
    4. Use Word to type your essay, and then copy and paste it on your blog to publish and share your opinion with the world.
  • Activity 2: (Fun activity)

      1. Click on Comic Strips to view examples of comic strips on the theme "Crime and Punishment", or click here to view cartoon examples created by Randy Glasbergen on other topics.
      2. Then, create your own comic strip using Paint, a program built in your pc.
      3. Save your work on your floppy disk as GIF, and then upload it to your blog, to publish and share with the world!
  • Activity 3:(Do it anytime you like)

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