Future Dreams & Cultural Obstacles!

A 3-Phase Text & Voice Interactive Blended Online Project

for EFL Learners, Located in the Following Countries:




Webheads & EFL Instructors, Rita Zeinstejer, in Argentina and Buthaina Al-Othman, in Kuwait

August 10 - 22, 2005

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This is an online interactive, collaborative 3-phase project, by a group of learners, comprising EFL students and teachers from Argentina, Bahrain, and Kuwait. During phase 1, participants get to know each other through asynchronous communication, using text and sound files, posted to CAE 2005 blog. They will also think and write about their thoughts on the topic, "Future Dreams & Cultural Obstacles", and post them in a paragraph format to the blog. During phase 2, participants read each other's paragraphs and post their comments to the blog. Finally, participants get ready in phase 3 to conduct their oral presentations synchronously at skype.com. The recording of the skyped student-presentations will be webcasted on WorldBridges LiveWire!


Phase 1: Aug 10 - 16 - Getting to know each other

  • Write and post your self-introduction paragraph to CAE 2005 blog. Include your name, age, hobbies, and favorite sport, food, and music if you wish.
  • Think of some dreams you really want to achieve but you know you are unable due to cultural obstacles.
  • Then, write a short paragraph to decribe this dream and the cultural difficulties, preventing you from fulfilling your dream in the future.
  • You could add ideas or advice to the next generation on ways to overcome these problems, craeted by your culture.
  • Post your paragraph to CAE 2005 blog.
Phase 2: Aug 17 - 21 - Preparing student-presentations
  • Read one or two paragraphs posted by other particnats to CAE 2005 blog.
  • Post comments to the paragraph (s) your read. Please be nice and post constructive comments.
  • Practice presenting your ideas on the main topic at Skype.com.

Phase 3: Aug 22, ( Time: TBA)

Student-Presentations to be held at skype.com and Webcasted at WorldBridges LiveWire!


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