Future Dreams & Cultural Obstacles!

A 3-Phase Text & Voice Interactive Blended Online Project


Phase 1: Aug 10 - 16

Activity 1:

  • Go to Worldbridges LiveWire to Listen to the webcast on the intrview with a Polish, future "Super Star", Tiffany. (You could also click on download mp3 to listen to the interview).
  • Take notes while you're listening.
Activity 2:
  • Write a short paragraph, 3 to 5 sentences, about one of your future dreams you won't be able to fulfill becuase your culture doesn't allow you.
  • Think and write about some ways that might help you comeover the cultural obstacles, preventing you from achieving your future dream.
  • Post your writing to CAE 2005 Blog!
Phase 2: Aug 17 - 21

Activity 1:

  • Read another student's paragraph, and then post your comment. (Please be nice to each other; and try to provide constructive comments).
Activity 2:
  • Practice your presentation on the topic, "Future Dreams & Cultural Obstacles", at Skype.com.
Phase 3: Aug 22


  • Log in Skype.com 10 minutes before presentation-session time, ( Time: TBA).
  • Make sure your headset works well, and your audio and voice drivers on your PC adjusted and funtion well.
  • Check your Skype buddy-list to see if all participants skype names are available.
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