Spring 2003_161

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

Note to readers:

The objectives of this project was to encourage students to exchange e-mail messages with an international teacher and a Webhead in Action from Holand, Arnold Mühren. The final goals were to improve students writing and communication skills, and increase their knowledge on scientific topics and a new culture. Unfortuanetly, this project couldn't be completed as designed due to the War in Iraq that erupted at that time, (March 2003). This project was planned and designed by two Webheads, Arnold and Buthaina.

Inviting a Webhead from the Netherlands

to 161 Students Yahoo Group

to Exchange Information on Scientific & Cultural Topics with My 161 Science Students

Arnold, an English teacher from Holand, exchanged messages with my students via 161 yahoo group list.

Arnold wrote:

<Hi folks,

This is Arnold Muhren from the Netherlands. I have accepted Mrs
Othman's kind invitation to join the group (for some time).

I have experience with online learning and with teaching science
students (some time ago now).

I hope to learn from you as much as I would like to contribute myself.

Take care, all of you.


  • Students' welcome Messages to Arnold

Abdulla S. wrote:

<Hi Mr Arnold.
this is abdulla...... it's nice to contact you, but unfortunately the
recent event make it hard ... i hope to keep in touth with you again.

............................................... thanks>

Hamza wrote:

<Hi mr,Arlond :)
i am hamza
wellcome to our familly groub:)
i am going to ask you Are you scince teacher ??
i will be glad if you add me on your own yahoo MSN :))
so we can chat and send emails ,, i have lucture now>> talk to you
later bye :) >

Abdulla H. wrote:

<hi everybody this is me Abdulla (tombakhia)... i hope all the success
for this group and good bye.>

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  • Hamza was the first student to write to the list.

Hamza wrote:

<hi its me hamza

i am just want to say hi to all our class groub
and i would like to thank miss buthaina for her efforts to make
this group :)
see yaa>

  • Buthaina welcomes Hamza

Buthaina wrote:

<Hello Hamza and welcome to our 161 e-Group website.If you have an interesting Science link that you want us to check, please add it to the links area on the group page.To add a link, click "Links" shown on the right column of the Group Home page, and then follow the instruction given to you.i hope you like the course and enjoy my virtual and face to face classes.

Best wishes, >

  • Arnold answers students' welcome messages

<Hi Hamza and the others,

Thank you for making me welcome in the group. I live in Bergen which is
small town in the west of the Netherlands. We are about five kilometres
from the North Sea coast. The area is beautiful with polder land (low lying
land below the level of the sea!), dune landscape and the beach of course.

I am not a science teacher myself but I used to teach English to students
engineers at my school for some years. They were students of mechanical,
electric and civil engineering. What kind of science are you students doing
at the university?

Do not hesitate if you want to ask me things. Yes, we can talk in YM -
perhaps you would like to do that as a group.

Take care, all of you, in the coming time.

Arnold Muhren>

  • My thank you message to Arnold for accepting the invitation

<Hi Arnold, and thank you for accepting our invitation.Please feel
free to check the files and links areas.You are also welcome to add
useful science links, if you have any. It's nice to have you in our
group and we hope you enjoy your short stay with us.

  • Check out a student's dream to bocome a Webhead!

Hamza wrote:

<dear all

ite me hamza , my web is : www.sharaf_biology.blogspot.com
i wrote about (living things) i am sure thats will be nice for biology
student , i hope you will agree what i did :)
its my first time to do that web
my web name is bilogy
and evry week i will add more new informayion about cells :)
i will summarize 101 biology in points so you will ?????? ?? my web

my goal is to be a WEB HEAD inshalah i will be web head in the future
seeee yaaa> Up to Top

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