How Participation in a CoP Informs and Influences Personal Teaching?

Why I Joined Webheads in Action?

My First On-line Conference, Using YMessenger Tools!

Wednesday, Februray 12th, 2003

 Dafne and I met for a scheduled meeting at Yahoo Messenger to discuss some issues in prperation for Week 5.While we were waiting for Arlyn , Rita and Aiden , Dafne asked me to invite them to a YM conference. Wehn I was on my way to invite the participants for a conference, I was whistling pretending cool, as it was my first time to practice this skill. (Sometimes, we think we know how to use or do something theoretically, however, we always forget a main issue , that is the gap between the theory and practice!This experience of practicing inviting particpants for a conference, was an eye opener.I realized that no matter how easy we think a skill is, we must practice it to know how it works.Then, I met Aiden:and I told her Dafne and Iwere waiting for them, and that I will have to call for a conference and invite everyone. She said all right, and the three of us met and held a very efficient, successful, virtual conference.Arlyn and Rita couldn't attend.

The Chatlog

dygonza: hi there

esl_efl_ku: wow, this neat

esl_efl_ku: hello all

aidenyeh: hi, have you heard from Rita?

dygonza: not at all

aidenyeh: this is cool, Buth

esl_efl_ku: yes indeed

aidenyeh: what about Arlyn?

dygonza: hope I do not have problems with connections YM has been quite weird this week

aidenyeh: my messages to Arlyn all bounced

dygonza: neither

dygonza: because you had the wrong address,Aiden

dygonza: there was and "l" missing at the end

aidenyeh: yes,

dygonza: it happened to me, then I fixed the address

dygonza: but she has not answered

aidenyeh: but i tried twice with the 'l'

esl_efl_ku: yes, this happend to me too once Aiden

dygonza: well, we will send them the chatlog

esl_efl_ku: what is the "I" plz?

dygonza: L

aidenyeh: cool

aidenyeh: how should we begin week 5>

dygonza: at the end of her e-mail ID

aidenyeh: i Like Daf's portal page and the first paragraph that you wrote

aidenyeh: we could use that

dygonza: I though we could post our answers to Scott

dygonza: then what you said about inviting people to send their pages

aidenyeh: yes, that's a good starting point

dygonza: or reflections on what they have done

esl_efl_ku: btw,

esl_efl_ku: i found that i have flagged Scott and Arnold's comments messages for follow up

dygonza: yes, Buth

esl_efl_ku: for week 5 earlier

esl_efl_ku: and yes

esl_efl_ku: i agree that it is a good start

dygonza: I think Scott's qustions are a good start

esl_efl_ku: especially that my focus is on this problem

aidenyeh: in our case, we could post our mini abstracts, in relation to scott's questions Bact to Top

dygonza: I like your pre and post webheads pages, buth

esl_efl_ku: i'm still struggling with issue , but got much better laly..

esl_efl_ku: thanks Daf..

dygonza: yes, they are already on the page, we could expand, at leat me

dygonza: I had no previous experience with the web before webheads

esl_efl_ku: i like and admire your use of the web tools

dygonza: so I would hve to have a black page

esl_efl_ku: and your amazing speed on everything so far

aidenyeh: black page?

dygonza: blank, I mean

dygonza: that would be a good idea

aidenyeh: blank page for?

dygonza: for my pre- webheads period on using web tools

aidenyeh: to present- no experience

dygonza: yes

aidenyeh: got it,

aidenyeh: cool

dygonza: only a title with my experience with web tools before joining webheads

dygonza: and only question marks all around

dygonza: what do you think?

esl_efl_ku: this sound good Daf

esl_efl_ku: what about you Aiden?

aidenyeh: clear meaning,

esl_efl_ku: Any experiences page prioir to WIa

dygonza: maybe with mouse over effects on each question mark where I ask questions related to online teaching and learning

aidenyeh: prior to webheads, I was moderating an online session (evonline) but the theme was different

esl_efl_ku: oopss, soory

esl_efl_ku: one of the experts

aidenyeh: I however, got involved with webheads because Vance was always the one who replied to my queries posted on evonline

aidenyeh: no, not really, But

aidenyeh: Buth

dygonza: the importance of feedback for motivation

esl_efl_ku: waht do you mean by "not really??

esl_efl_ku: I love feedback, Daf

aidenyeh: not really that high tech or what you would call computer savvy Bact to Top

esl_efl_ku: and I think it is crucial for this area

aidenyeh: likfe you and Daf, I learned by doing

esl_efl_ku: especially for novice teachers like me

dygonza: yes, Vance is the perfect model to follow

aidenyeh: that's what i did

aidenyeh: and applied what I've learned from evonline and vance in my teaching

esl_efl_ku: Got you Aiden, an this is what I like about our Cop

dygonza: you know, I jumped form having done nothing to designing and moderating my own online course

esl_efl_ku: where the experts and the trainees melt in a pot

esl_efl_ku: Yes, i know Daf, and this is why i think you are amazing

dygonza: and it was not difficult, I just followed on VAnce's modelling

esl_efl_ku: you are a genius, Daf

aidenyeh: the point that I would like to raise is it worthwhile for non-native speakers teachers of english to be engaged in such a commun ity and why?

dygonza: comm'n Buth

esl_efl_ku: yes, and this is what I didn't do from the begiining and put myself in a terrible situation

dygonza: of course my previous experience in f2f teaching, and my methodology helped a lot

aidenyeh: remember Nigel saying "it's time consuming"

esl_efl_ku: the step by step approach is effective

dygonza: it indeed is

dygonza: but planning f2f is also time consuming

dygonza: it all depends on your approach

esl_efl_ku: that's why i tried to start all over again (the 7 weeks) during ummer

esl_efl_ku: and still in the process

dygonza: I like what you are doing Buth

dygonza: we are all in the process

dygonza: I love Aiden's projects

dygonza: especially your work with listening, Aiden

dygonza: I need to learn about using songs

esl_efl_ku: Yes, indeed Aiden's work in that area is brilliant

aidenyeh: I need to check my pages and for links

dygonza: putting up pages with audio is something I need to get involved in

dygonza: I need to know what page do you want to link from your name on our first week 5 page, Aiden

esl_efl_ku: I tI think I had linked once Aiden's work somewhere in my page

aidenyeh: are you referring to Micahel's or the favorite songs video

esl_efl_ku: but becuase I sytarted all over again,

esl_efl_ku: I will find a better way of linking it now

dygonza: I have all your listening pages saved for future references, Aiden

aidenyeh: i'll give you details (urls ) tmorrow

dygonza: thanks, Aiden

dygonza: ok, back to week 5

esl_efl_ku: I can't remebr Aiden, toomany info. lately blocked my mind Bact to Top

dygonza: lol

esl_efl_ku: I will find the page and send you it to you

aidenyeh: 1) start off with scott's question

esl_efl_ku: yes

esl_efl_ku: I'm like Mr. Bean remeber

dygonza: 2. ask for pages or work done

esl_efl_ku: this is what my kids say

aidenyeh: 2) our experiences using daf's portal + we could expand

aidenyeh: that's would be three daf

dygonza: ok

dygonza: 3. ask for pages and work done

aidenyeh: 4)

aidenyeh: ?

esl_efl_ku: What about personal reflection

esl_efl_ku: I like your self-evaluation Daf..

aidenyeh: remember, I'd like to point the relevance of this CoP to NNS this could wait till the very last days

dygonza: that would be in our reports

esl_efl_ku: the page including the table I would like to adapt

dygonza: why don't we set some chats with issues

dygonza: like that of NN-NN

dygonza: I mean NN-N

esl_efl_ku: yes

esl_efl_ku: this is good

esl_efl_ku: but how

esl_efl_ku: oopss.sorry,,Chat

dygonza: maybe write a short abstract inviting people

esl_efl_ku: yes..okay

aidenyeh: issues, such as?

dygonza: the one Aiden has in mind

dygonza: non-native vs native speakers

dygonza: in teaching, I mean

esl_efl_ku: yes, Aiden there is an IS on this issue

dygonza: and Aiden will be the speaker

esl_efl_ku: Ijoined it once

esl_efl_ku: but didn't continue..was not interesting enough

dygonza: Aiden is the expert on this topic

dygonza: Aiden, are you there

aidenyeh: yes, am listening

dygonza: what do you think about the idea?

aidenyeh: don't you think it's a bit heavy foir the middle of next week?

dygonza: I don't know

aidenyeh: LOL


dygonza: today we had a very nice discussion about CoP's at TI

esl_efl_ku: I think it a hot topic

aidenyeh: do you have an idea of what Rita wants to present

dygonza: no

aidenyeh: it is Buth,

aidenyeh: but we have to consider the flow of topics

dygonza: very interesting in a community where most of us are non-native

aidenyeh: so far, we're stuck with 4, this would mean Wed or Thursday next week

aidenyeh: yes, true daf

dygonza: let's make it by days

dygonza: monday: answer to Scott's questions

aidenyeh: 1- monday scott's question

dygonza: lol

aidenyeh: we're in the same frequency

dygonza: that would be 5 messages 1 from each of us

dygonza: to start with

dygonza: we could end our answers with our own questions to the audience Bact to Top

dygonza: what was the second point?

dygonza: for tuesday

esl_efl_ku: experiences using your portalDa

esl_efl_ku: I mean your portal Daf

dygonza: you mean, my online architecture course?

dygonza: or what?

aidenyeh: portal for week 5

esl_efl_ku: yes

dygonza: ah , my pre- andpost webhead?

aidenyeh: ok, so 2-Tuesday experiences before and after

aidenyeh: plus our own pages

dygonza: fine

aidenyeh: and we'll ask them to share with us their own pages

aidenyeh: what if there's no onw

aidenyeh: one

dygonza: I am sure there will be at least on

aidenyeh: tere?

aidenyeh: LOL

dygonza: Tere and Sus

esl_efl_ku: common guys, be optimistic..

aidenyeh: or sus?

dygonza: maybe Chris

aidenyeh: LOL

esl_efl_ku: I'm sure many will like it

esl_efl_ku: especially that we have many nebies latelaly

aidenyeh: seriously

dygonza: I will encourage Maria to post something

dygonza: and Arnold too

aidenyeh: arnold

esl_efl_ku: I'm sure I will be ther LOL

dygonza: we chat a lot frequently

dygonza: that would take us 2 days

dygonza: tuesday and wednesday

aidenyeh: ok, that's two- experiences- before and after webpages

aidenyeh: thrusday? 3-

dygonza: so, for Thursday we plan the Nn-N chat with our guest speaker,Aiden

aidenyeh: sounds scary

dygonza: no, you have a lot of materials

dygonza: and things to share

aidenyeh: the feeling, i mean

dygonza: we can start inviting since Tuesday, with a nice and enticing invitation

aidenyeh: Thursday, chat but could be followed up by posting messages

esl_efl_ku: You mean before and after webheads or webpages,Aiden

dygonza: right

aidenyeh: the invitation would coome in as a question to the members?

aidenyeh: after webpages, so NS-NNS will be oin Thursday

esl_efl_ku: okay..

dygonza: monday: scott's questions, tuesday and Wed. pre- and post webheads and asking participants to share their pages

dygonza: thursday chat with aiden with post chat comments to list

aidenyeh: friday?

dygonza: that would go for thursday and friday

aidenyeh: remember, some of these topic might overlap on some days

dygonza: sure they will

dygonza: and Saturday and Sunday wrap up chats at Tapped In at the usual time Bact to Top

dygonza: I think we have enough

esl_efl_ku: A question:

dygonza: other sub-topics will show up along the way

aidenyeh: we could stretch the main topics

aidenyeh: yes, besides

esl_efl_ku: okay,

aidenyeh: arlyn's and rita's abstrat are on the portal page

dygonza: I will try to join when you guys have your chats

dygonza: yes, they are

aidenyeh: so that would fall on Mon- - Wed

dygonza: yes

aidenyeh: Thursday chat would be

dygonza: I think we have a lot of things to share, there are 5 of us here

dygonza: I will post the week syllabus on our activities page

aidenyeh: anytime in the afternoon (Taiwan time)

aidenyeh: or evening regular webhead time?

dygonza: GMT?

aidenyeh: but that would exclude some, esp those in the US

aidenyeh: that would be an hour and half chat time

dygonza: Aiden, what about creating an invitation to the chat using one of this card creators online, like yahoo, hallmark, or whatever

dygonza: great, Aiden, 90 min. sounds very good

aidenyeh: cool

dygonza: that card will give a speacial touch to the chat

dygonza: more personal, and enticing

aidenyeh: yes

aidenyeh: will create it this weekend

dygonza: we can also set the yahoo calendar to remind of the chat

aidenyeh: great

dygonza: we could also use the calendar to remind of Saturday and Sunday usual webheads chats

aidenyeh: ok, let's do it

aidenyeh: wait, i'll write everything down

dygonza: so, what we have to do is work on our individual tasks

dygonza: it is going to be in the chatlog, Aiden

aidenyeh: update webpages, before and after

dygonza: answer scott's questions

aidenyeh: no, write in my notebook (it's a bad habit)

dygonza: ok

dygonza: a good one

aidenyeh: yes

dygonza: we have to write a kick off message for the week

dygonza: what about one, signed by all of us?

dygonza: and one, indicating the url to the week 5 web page and explaining what they will find there Bact to Top

aidenyeh: ok,

aidenyeh: email format ?

dygonza: yes

dygonza: I think it is better to write 2 separate messages, welcoming and instructions, so people do not get mixed up

dygonza: the subject of the messages will clearly indicate what the message is about for further reference

aidenyeh: i like the first paragraph you wrote in your portal page

dygonza: shall we use it for the welcoming message?

aidenyeh: i've got no objections

dygonza: Buth?

esl_efl_ku: either me

dygonza: ok, done then

dygonza: I will take care of it

dygonza: I will send it Sunday evening

aidenyeh: good

dygonza: I will indicate that another message is following with instrucctions for the week

aidenyeh: and will be posted on Monday

dygonza: that message with instructions could be also posted in our week 5 folder in yahoo group

aidenyeh: or will it be too late/

dygonza: Sunday evening too

aidenyeh: ok, folder is a good idea

dygonza: so we will be all set for monday

aidenyeh: ok

esl_efl_ku: yes, sounds excellent

dygonza: then on monday each of us will answer Scott's questions

dygonza: and of course, answer the postings from other members

esl_efl_ku: are our answers going to be in messages?

aidenyeh: yes

dygonza: yes

dygonza: lol


aidenyeh: ok

esl_efl_ku: no, listen guys, i was thinking about Daf's world map

esl_efl_ku: and the way i added to the activity

dygonza: then between tue. and wed. we will talk about our pre and ppost webheads experiencies

aidenyeh: is there anything else

aidenyeh: yes

dygonza: with references to our webpages

dygonza: on tuesday we will issue the invitation to the chat

dygonza: which we will prepare on Sunday

dygonza: then Thursday the chat, time?

dygonza: the time?

aidenyeh: 12-:1:30 GMT

dygonza: ok

dygonza: Friday answering posts from partipants

dygonza: and Saturday and Sunday meeting with webheads at the usual time at TI

dygonza: that's it

dygonza: any other aspect that I am missing?

esl_efl_ku: Daf are you goint to inform Arlyne and Rita? Bact to Top

dygonza: yes, I will send this log to them

aidenyeh: buth< what about the map?

esl_efl_ku: okay

esl_efl_ku: The map

dygonza: tell me us about the map idea, Buth

esl_efl_ku: oh, actually i used Daf's Spanish Paella

aidenyeh: ok, then should this wrap up our meeting?

esl_efl_ku: and would like to modify the activity usding the world map of cooking lessons by Daf

dygonza: great, Buth

esl_efl_ku: but my question is

aidenyeh: if there's anything else not mentioned or new, then just send an email

aidenyeh: ok

aidenyeh: listening

esl_efl_ku: wher can this page go?

dygonza: which one, Buth

dygonza: the map?

esl_efl_ku: I mean for chat discuson or on tuesdays' discusiions

dygonza: you include it in the mail you send to the group

esl_efl_ku: okay

dygonza: you can also use it in the chat to show people and talk about it

esl_efl_ku: one more thing Daf and Aiden, plz

dygonza: you can say so in your message so people will be interested in joining you in your chat

esl_efl_ku: about the chat schedule

dygonza: yes, you have confirmed one hour

esl_efl_ku: what is it exactly i am supose t do there

aidenyeh: what do you think?

dygonza: just be there, at yahoo or tapped in

esl_efl_ku: i mean during those day on the schedule i posted to you Daf

dygonza: and talk to the people,

esl_efl_ku: are you going to be there too/

dygonza: about your projects what you have learned, expand on your ideas, and ask those people to share theirs

dygonza: yes, I will do my best to join all the chats that week

aidenyeh: i've got to go, if there's anyhing that i'd be missing please advise by email

esl_efl_ku: thanks, as i'm already nervous..

dygonza: ok, Aiden I think this is all

aidenyeh: don't be

dygonza: we will see each other on Sunday at the usual time

esl_efl_ku: Aiden, one thing

aidenyeh: this would be a cool experience

aidenyeh: yes..

dygonza: if questions, just let's e-mail each other

esl_efl_ku: I would like to comment on your comment on the top oif this log Bact to Top

aidenyeh: sure,

dygonza: I am already excited

aidenyeh: what about/

aidenyeh: me too

aidenyeh: it's too long to scroll

esl_efl_ku: Well , the good thing for teachers like me

esl_efl_ku: i mean novice

esl_efl_ku: ones

esl_efl_ku: is that in WIA we have both kind expets

esl_efl_ku: those like Vance who got it all

esl_efl_ku: i mean the conventuiional teaching (f2f)

esl_efl_ku: and like you too Aiden

esl_efl_ku: in addition to those like Daf

esl_efl_ku: qho has the conventional f2f one

esl_efl_ku: and are showing us how it helped her produce and creatre greta proahes for the vertual teachings

esl_efl_ku: sorry about the long chat

dygonza: that's what a CoP is like

aidenyeh: that's alright

esl_efl_ku: it's really a Melting Pot

esl_efl_ku: of both or all kind of people

aidenyeh: i think that's what week 5 is about

esl_efl_ku: that's why 'm excited too

dygonza: right, Aid

esl_efl_ku: I love guys

aidenyeh: showing people who haven't tried how we did it

esl_efl_ku: i'm really blessed to have met you and wish to meet with you f2f one day

aidenyeh: so they will try to

dygonza: and then they will show others

aidenyeh: one day.... Buth... one day

aidenyeh: trickle down effect

esl_efl_ku: I meant above: I love you guys

aidenyeh: in marketing-applies here too

dygonza: our stories reporting our findings and reflections are fundamental in the learning process that takes place in our community

aidenyeh: family time is calling

aidenyeh: i need to tuck in my kids

dygonza: because they are done with loving care

aidenyeh: exactly

dygonza: I have to do some shopping too

aidenyeh: i couldn't have said better

esl_efl_ku: sure Aide, and say hello to hubby, hope he is better now. Bact to Top

aidenyeh: good for you

aidenyeh: he's ok, it's my f-i-l

dygonza: nice chat, very fruitful

aidenyeh: indeed

esl_efl_ku: f-i-l ??/

esl_efl_ku: is who?

dygonza: bye Aiden

dygonza: father in law

esl_efl_ku: oh, sorry

esl_efl_ku: Aiden..

esl_efl_ku: tod you>.

dygonza: bye guys

esl_efl_ku: bye

dygonza: bye, Buth, write if questions

esl_efl_ku: and thank you

aidenyeh: thanks you too

esl_efl_ku: okay thanks Daf

aidenyeh: adios

dygonza: adios

esl_efl_ku: adios amigo

Yahoo! Messenger: aidenyeh has left the conference

esl_efl_ku: sorry just playing ..Daf

dygonza: it's ok

dygonza: I was just copying the log to send to Rita and Ayden

dygonza: I mean Arlyn

dygonza: it's done

esl_efl_ku: okay, do you just copy and paste in WP

dygonza: yes, I did

esl_efl_ku: hmmm

dygonza: a big kiss and hug for you, Buth

esl_efl_ku: you too Daf

esl_efl_ku: by the way, I said I love you

esl_efl_ku: but i don't know if this is acceptab;le in your culture

dygonza: me too, you are very dear for me

dygonza: yes, it is

esl_efl_ku: okay

esl_efl_ku: some don't like it

esl_efl_ku: take care and have a nice day

dygonza: yes, I know, but we latin peoplea re very affectionate

esl_efl_ku: have to go follow the news

esl_efl_ku: d see what Bin Ladin has more to say

esl_efl_ku: with other Leaders of our crazy world

dygonza: bye have a great day, or evening???

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